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Duck season reopens after 2 years amnesty - Victoria (Oz)

Like humans, ducks form long-term bonds with their mates

Department of Sustainability (DSE) Victoria's dismal record on wildlife protection reaches new lows

The Department of Sustainability in Victoria seems to be a friend to the trigger-happy as regards kangaroos and seems not to care at all about possums. It shows no interest in promoting wildlife corridors and has pushed against local feeling to make Devilbend into a hunting and fishing and horseriding area, instead of a desperately needed sanctuary for the threatened animals on the Mornington Peninsula (a beautiful rural area redesignated for intensive development). Given the Department's failure to honour its obligations to Victorians to protect wildlife, it is surprising that it bothered to recommend a year's amnesty for ducks.

Hunting Advisory Committee trumps limp-wristed DSE on ducks

But, that's not the whole story. We learn that there is another force out there, besides the property developers, running wildlife into the ground in Victoria.

Minister Jennings was reported in the Age 5-2-09 to have said the Department of Sustainability and Environment had recommended the season be cancelled for a third straight year, but contradictory advice came from the Government's Hunting Advisory Committee, which backed allowing a season with few restrictions.

Waterbird numbers in Eastern Australia fell 80%+ in past 2 decades

So, lead bullets will again be hailed on defenseless ducks this year by people who call what they do a sport. This, despite waterbird numbers in Eastern Australia falling by over 80% in the past two decades and advice from the Department to cancel the season.

The cruelty is ignored.

Vote in two polls on this issue

The Age website –
Vote No if you do not agree with the decision to have a duck season in Victoria -

The 3AW website -
Vote Yes if you would like to see a ban on duck shooting. (scroll down and it is on your right on the website)

More information

For more information you may contact the Victorian Hunting Advisory Committee (HAC) 2/8 Nicholson St, East Melbourne VIC 3002, (03) 9637 9815,
(03) 9637 8451; zachary.powell[AT]

If you know nothing about the 'industry' of wildlife shooting in Victoria, this draft submission gives a lot of information: , including on the government's pro-hunting policies.
The arguments which say hunting brings a few jobs to rural Victoria are easily countered by the amount of jobs brought by tourism of a less violent kind.

If we were not such a huge and damaging population, if the wildlife were not so horribly stressed by our day to day impact, hunting might be defensible in some lights. In the current situation where nature is trampled, burnt, mobbed and built over, the excuses seem pathetic.

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I would prefer to see debates of this nature written without any emotive language and a strict adherance to facts and verifiable statistical information. There are a number of aspects of Sheila's presentation that bother me. The use of a photo featuring a non indigenous species of duck, almost certainly domestic and probably taken in confined area where the supposed sorry partner had few other seating options (and probably doesn't really give a stuff about the dead duck), proves absolutely nothing.
I would like to point out to those who know little about duck shooting that bullets are not permitted for duck shooting purposes and nor is lead for that matter.
The claim that we now have 80% less ducks than 20 years ago is extremly unlikely. From my own observations virtually every farm dam in NE Vic and Southern NSW has Ducks on it. Almost all well grassed areas such as golf courses, retirement villages, parks and gardens have a resident (and often excessive) population of wood ducks. Rivers and lakes are carrying their quota of ducks but admittedly there is less water and consequently fewer ducks. It should be remembered however that ducks are extremely nomadic and at this very moment duck numbers in much of Queensland right through to the Channel country in South Australia would be exploding.
As for the tourism debate I really can't see how banning Duck shooting is going to improve tourism. On the contrary I suspect that the two "industries" could be better served if they were run in parallel and in some situations complimentary to each other.
Finally please do not call Duck shooting a sport. To me it has always been a recreational persuit. It is not a competition against anyone or anything and for me it is a means of getting a type of food on the table that I enjoy. If I coundn't eat them I wouldn't bother.

Not specifically for Victoria, but want to find facts why it isn't so much of a "recreational pursuit" welcomed by the ducks? Read

Want to eat a duck? I suggest buy one from the market or keep a duck farm.

If it hurts when people walk pass you and nudge you on the arm by accident, it must hurt too when being hit by a single pellet.

what do you s think you doing? you are trying to ban duck hunting...leave us alone and leave us enjoy our hobby. its only couple of days in a year. we kill ducks to eat them and another thing, do you know that ducks do damage to our australian farmers.

Kill and eat is not a problem, but causing unnecessary pain during the process is (i.e. those that you missed). As humans, there are certain limits as what we can call "hobby". "Bullying children" is not a hobby, so isn't "causing unnecessary pain to animals". Also as humans, we should really be able to come up with better duck population management techniques to help the farmers than purely "shoot the ducks". "Shoot the ducks" strategy make it sounds like our intelligence hasn't evolved much over the centuries.

Why have Labor politicians failed to speak out over the Box Flat slaughter of over 2,000 native waterbirds, including the illegal shooting of over 200 threatened Freckled Ducks?
Why haven't Labor politicians spoken out in Parliament, or in the media, against the illegal shooting of the 102 threatened Freckled Ducks rescuers recovered this season, and why Labor politicians have not spoken out against the incompetence of Agriculture Minister Peter Walsh and his Game Victoria Director, Simon Toop?

Apart from recovering over 100 illegally shot threatened Freckled Ducks from Lake Lonsdale and Lake Bullrush at the start of the duck shooting season, this year has been the quietest on record, with very few duck shooters active on the wetlands. Just what are the economic benefit of all this killing?

Call for the Victorian Labor Party to introduce a policy to ban the recreational shooting of native waterbirds before the November 2014 election

The 2014 Victorian recreational duck shooting season opened on 15 March and runs for three months.

Recreational duck shooting is legalised animal abuse. Apart from the inherent cruelty, many wetlands with rare, threatened and protected species are opened to shooting.

End recreational duck shooting in Victoria