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Immigration Links - Keeping a critical eye on immigration-related issues in Australia.

Fruit rots on vine for want of seasonal workers of 21 Jun 08 by John Stapleton in the Australian newspaper. More propaganda in favour of immigration and the guest worker program. Read what Mark O'Connor has to say on this.

More workers are a positive force editorial in The Australian of 19 May 08

Workers welcome editorial in The Australian of 16 May 08

Open door of 17 May 08. The Australian's editor-at-large Paul Kelly praises Federal Immigration Minister Chris Evans' decision to increase the annual immigration intake to 300,000

Back Scratching at a National Level By Ross Gittins in the Sydney Morning Herald of 12 June 2007.

Shows how Prime Minister John Howard, who, during the Tampa crisis of 2001, pledged to the Australian people "We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come", has raised Australia's real, but unoffical annual rate of immigration to 300,000 of which only an insignificant fraction are humanitarian refugees. This is in spite of the fact that Howard's election victory of 1996 was largely attributed to the unpopularity of Labor's corruptly administered high immigration program. In 1996, annual immigration was reduced to 68,000, but he has since raised it by various devices to 300,000 to suit greedy employers, land speculators and property developers This has had catastrophic consequences for Australia's environment and the living standards of many existing Austalians, principally through housing hyper-inflation.

Will “the great immigration debate” take place?, 21 May 08 on Larvateus Prodeo

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