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Group calls for re-building of Australian manufacturing

The Tariff Restoration Bloc has called for protective tariffs to be re-established to make possible the rebuilding of Australia's manufacturing sector.

Australian manufacturing has largely been destroyed in the past three decades as a result of competition against slave-wage economies in a race-to-the-bottom globalised economy.

If the proponents of tariff reduction were correct, Australia today would have become a high-tech manufacturing powerhouse with this country retaining high-paid skilled employment. Instead, this country has become unsustainably dependant upon mining and immigration-fueled land speculation1.

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1. As reported in the Melbourne Age on 22 April 2007, Anna Bligh who is now Queensland Premier refused to contemplate halting popuation growth in order to allow Queensland to fix its water shortages crisis other urgent environmental problems. She argued:

"The only way we could really do that is to put a fence up at the (Queensland) border, or to cancel or freeze all new home building approvals," she said.

"That would have a very serious impact on the construction industry that a lot people rely on for jobs."

See also: "Stop the Queensland growth treadmill!" of 24 June 07[back].