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NOW THEY WANT TO HEAR FROM ME? The Sierra Club's Selective Hearing

Students of totalitarian dictatorships know that their overwhelming endorsements were won by carefully crafted questions in plebisites. So called democratic governments are similarly skilled in winning support by asking the right questions. The Sierra Club of Canada, who has stonewalled me at every turn when faced with a chance to debate their population myopia, suddenly reveals their eagerness to hear public response to questions----questions that they have designed to provoke politically correct answers.

The Collusion of the Left in the Neo-Liberal Agenda

Alistair McConnachie, the head of the Glasgow based organization Sovereignty explains that in this article originally published in September of 2006 how the Left, driven by the ideology of "Equality" manipulates the lofty concept of solidarity to collude in destructive capitalism and ecological disaster.

The Original article is to be found here on the web-site See also: How mass migration has devastated the social fabric of Britain.

There are two sides to the immigration issue

“I am angered with the liberal/left's collusion with the neo-liberal agenda of open immigration, of its misuse of the hackneyed phrase "solidarity" to justify support for importing cheap migrant labour to crush the living standards of local workers and despoil our national environment and multiply the ecological footprint of the migrants themselves. But I am also frustrated by the blindness of the red neck wing of the American anti immigration movement that takes no responsibility for the factors which PUSH migrants out of their third world countries.”

See also: Closing our borders can't mean turning our backs of 25 Oct 07

The record of Indigenous North Americans' as environmental custodians

Canada's environment is paying a heavy price for our love affair with a myth. As long as natives are equipped with a halo, it will be impossible to attack them for the role they are playing as front men and bodyguards for the corporate rape of our boreal forests. They have been deifed by bogus anthropology, political opportunism and political correctness, which have all formed a coalition with corporate greed and media censorship.

Paul Watson puts case against high immigration

A broadcast debate on the Canadian Broadcasting Commission between, on the one hand, Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and, on the other hand, Elizabeth May, now leader of Canada's Green Party showed two poles of North American environmentalism, one authentic and one counterfeit.

See also: Sea Shepherd appeals for Greenpeace's cooperation in fight against whale slaughter
Were "Intact Aboriginal Cultures" really good custodians? of 19 Jun 08.


Is Canadian Green Party leader a "citizen of the world" or a citizen of the multinational corporations? In downplaying the role of migration in environmental degradation she effects total blindless to what is happening in her own country. Smart growth and nature reserves will not defend farmland or wildlife from the ravages of immigrant-driven population growth. Nor will unions or fair employment laws protect works from the onslaught of cheap foreign labour. May should step down and work for the UN.


The environmentalists' recipe for stopping climate change is green living and a technological fix. The one 'fix' they don't speak of is the one men can have on themselves to stop women getting pregnant. This would also prevent climate change more effectively than the greenest technology. Two climate change campaigners have done more damage to the atmosphere with their sex drives than any good they will do in their living habits....


With limited time and limited resources celebrities can choose to spend their energies in a futile attempt in limiting death. But in a continent suffering from overpopulation how much sense does that make? Better that energy be disposed in preventing births.


The notion that we should promote energy conservation but at the same time deliberately create more energy consumers through mass immigration is an absurd contradiction. But that is just what Canadian Green icon Dr. David Suzuki and the Green Living Movement seem to be advocating, at least by omission.

How growth has degraded the quality of life in Canada

Whilst economists misuse indicators such as the GDP to ”prove“ that an increase in real in come has coincided with massive population growth in Canada in recent decades, the reality is, as intuition and common sense should have warned, that Canadians on average are worse off as Brishen Hoff, President of Biodiversity First shows.

See also: Living standards and our material prosperity 6 Sep 08 concerning the quality of life in Australia

For socialists growth is still OK, so long as it is shared

As long as the claimed short term economic benefits of growth can be said to be shared equitably Canada's New Democratic Party remains unconcerned by the resultant ecological devastation.

The question remains: What accounts for David Suzuki's silence?

In 2006, David Suzuki told Australians the truth, that is, that their country was over-populated. Why won't he tell his fellow Canadians the truth about their country?

CBC condemns South African rioters

“He might have just as well stayed in Toronto or better still, huddled with his former journalism professor of political correctness at Carelton to compose the right storyline. You know, xenophobic rioters take out their misery upon poor foreigners who have a right to displace their jobs.”

Iceland, the most peaceful country on earth

The news that Iceland has been named in the Global Peace Index as the most peaceful country in the world for 2008, whilst Australia slipped from 25th to 27th and Canada slipped from 8th to 11th, moved Tim Murray to publish his own earlier reflections upon his mother's native land.

See also The Australian's April fool's joke

DEBATE AT HEAVEN'S GATE: Garrett Hardin Takes on John Lennon

In their earthly existence Garrett Hardin and John Lennon never crossed paths and consequently they never crossed swords. But I like to hope that Hardin had a chance to duel with the former Beatle in the after life and cut his naive utopianism to shreds.

The demographic false alarm

Global warming and the demographic challenge of ageing populations are never far from newspaper headlines these days.

Some governments are so worried they are now bribing parents at taxpayers’ expense to have more children and calling for more immigration to support us in old age. It seems the message is contagious.



Why is it accepted that we need a licence to catch so many fish to protect the environment, but we can inflict as many kids as we want on the world with all of the attendant ecological costs without answering to anyone?


Brishen Hoff of northern Ontario responded to Professor Boyd Cohen's challenge to enter the "Greenest Citizen of Canada" contest. Rather than answer in the conventional fashion about how he reduced his footprint in the trendy Green way, Hoff filled out his application form this way...


Professor Boyd Cohen of Simon Fraser University near Vancouver is holding a contest to see who is "The Greenest Citizen of Canada". We are invited to submit our nominations and highlight those aspects of the nominee's lifestyle that approximate "Green Living". My nominee is His Holiness, Dr. David Suzuki.


Green Parties the world over have a universal disregard for the carrying capacity of their own countries to accomodate environmental refugees. The human rights of migrants trumps the rights of people in their own countries not to have their environment ravaged by desperate millions from afar. And the rights of wildlife are not even on their radar screen.

Compendium of futility: Sierra Club brags of inconsequential achievements

Environmental Organizations solicit funds based on their "busy work", work at hacking at the branches of evil rather than at its roots, overpopulation. The Sierra Club of Canada, bloated with donations the sources of which it won't disclose, is busy putting out brush fires but refuses to take on the one thing that matters, Canada's galloping immigrant-driven population growth.

Food or immigrants? That is America's choice on Earth Day 2008

America's got a fever. The thermometer reads over 300 million residents, double what the nation's carrying capacity probably is. Brenda Walker says that "skyrocketing food prices and looming shortages" are a symptom of a patient at death's door. In America as in Canada and Australia, we have to make a choice. Are we going to continue to plant subdivisions, or crops? Grow immigrants or food?

US environmental groups polish furniture whilst house burns down

Supposed environmental organisations of North America such as the Sierra Club divert the public's energies towards band-aid measures, whilst ignoring the over-riding cause of environmental degradation, that is, population growth.

David Brower: An authentic environmentalist (1912-2000) Why the Earth Day co-founder quit the Sierra Club

David Brower was Mr. Sierra Club, the flag ship organization in the US environmental movement. His leaving the Club would have been like Pope John Paul resigning from the Vatican on moral principles. The story of his defection is the story of how corporate interests have corrupted environmental NGOs to buy their silence over mass immigration.

People and the Environment: Can the two co-exist?

Three members of the Official Opposition are to gather in the town nearest me to preside over a sham interactive discussion entitled, "Energy and Environment: Can the Two Co-Exist?" They will focus on conservation and renewable energy sources but leave the great taboo unmentioned: population growth. Environment critic Shane Simpson is an actor from another movie, his idiotic remarks to me from last year still resonate. An out of town resident poses the right question.

Can the impact of rampant population growth be overcome by individual ecological lifestyle choice?

Tim Murray of Immigration Watch Canada asks of what overall benefit are personal lifestyle choices made to lessen our individual impact on the environment, when the good achieved is far less than the harm done by the population growth actively encouraged by our governments.

The death of a Malthusian civil rights champion, 4 April 1968

The Politically Correct would have us believe that human rights and population stability don't mix. Wrong! Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood for both.

Move over Mr Legrain, the floodgates are open

Philippe Legrain's puerile veneration of globalization and free market economics is, for its outrageous simplicity, alluring to some in the same way that Ayn Rand's uncompromising fantasies drew a cult following.

Mass immigration, urbanisation, and industrial agriculture

Agribusiness has been able to provide a massive amount of apparently cheap food to a huge number of people at a double cost. A cost to the soil and a cost to the nutritional value of the food itself. Post-carbon agriculture will be more labour intensive and provide more nutritious food, but how can it hope to feed a population which has trebled in Canada since the 1940's and is still growing at a world-record rate?


The Catholic Church has weighed in on the side of illegal immigrants against American workers in the Amnesty debate. Their compassion is oddly focused on the stranger within our gates rather than the suffering of low-income Americans whose jobs the illegals have displaced. A Kansas City Archbishop reveals the how out of touch the Church is.


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