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What is behind those accusations of racism?

Journalist Colin Rigley cites critics who question the motives behind CAPS (Californians for Population Stabilization) new ad linking immigration to higher GHG emissions. But what about the motives of people who question motives? Should motives matter? Or shouldn't just numbers matter?

Ms. Universe Competition: Introductions

Russia is another blatant reminder that population growth is NOT a necessary ingredient of economic growth. HEAR THAT IMMIGRATION MINISTER? But the next question that the world must face upon answering that one is this---is economic growth necessary or indeed sustainable?

Australia and UK admit unemployment-immigration connection. Canada says nothing.

In the wake of the market meltdown and the looming global recession, even those governments most ideologically pre-disposed to porous borders and generous immigration quotas now seem willing to slam on the brakes.

This was originally published in Immigration Watch Canada ( on 20 Oct 08.
See also: "Opposition leads calls to slash immigration in 2009" in Courier Mail of 21 Oct 08, "More want migrant intake cut" in SMH of 12 Oct 08, "Sydney predicted to reach 6 million" in SMH of 20 Oct 08, "Dissatisfaction with immigration intake rising" on the ABC of 13 Oct 08, "Rents to soar in Melbourne on lack of housing" of 10 Oct 08.


Chronic Loser Elizabeth May Should Take Her "Diversity" Act To the Middle East

There are career opportunities for two time loser Elizabeth May, Canada's Green Party leader. She can take her Canadian gospel of Multiculturalism and sell it to the Middle East where they are receptive to her belief in growth. The two concepts really go hand in hand. For growth is fuelled by the importation of cheap foreign labour, and locals must be forced to jettison their own traditions to make foreigners feel comfortable while they undercut their jobs and suppress their wages.

5 reasons why the election results of 14 October was my best Birthday present ever

Sometimes staying home and not casting a vote is casting a vote. In fact is casting a vote twice. It is casting a vote of no-confidence in the politcal parties that are asking for your vote and it also casting a vote against representative democracy, against the proposition that I must delegate my sovereign power to someone else to make decisions on my behalf. Well I have no confidence in the growthist monolith that presents itself before me, and I will not give them credibility with my vote.


Immigration equals tar sands for greenhouse gases in four years: by Brishen Hoff

Here is the data short and sweet. How the green house gasses generated by each yearly crop of immigrants to Canada accumulates to equal the GHG emitted by the ecologically monstrous Alberta tar sands development over a four year period. And yet the Greens, the social democrats, and the liberals are saying nothing about the environmental costs of immigration.

Stephan Dion and His "Green Shift"

Those who shout "carbon tax" , green shifting, reduced consumption and green living are like carnival barkers playing a shell game. They want to take your attention away from the fact that with a slight of hand they have removed the "immigration" pea from the table. And thus, an important variable in the generation of greenhouse emissions is not on the table of discussions or the agenda of politicians or green politically correct hypocrites.

TO THE DELUSIONAL COALITION-MAKERS: How Do You Vote For The Environment In A One-Party Growthist State?

Soft green Canadian activists are under the false impression that there exists some enormous gulf between the environmental record of the hated right wing ogre Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his centre left opponents. Wrong. Objectively, if anything, I would submit, Harper is marginally less atrocious, if all things are condsidered. Small consolation, granted. but soft green thinking is hypocritical.

THE FACTS ARE IN FOLKS: We Don't Need Growth To Get Rich

There persists in North America and Australia a frontier myth that economic prosperity can only be fuelled by constant and massive immigration, as if vast tracts of land still needed to be opened up by homesteaders or our economies were still dominated by smokestack industries that needed millions of workers on the shopfloor with little more than a high school education. Well the truth is out. There are countries with falling populations and no almost no immigration doing relatively well thank you very much.

What about a Child-LESS Benefit Plan? Canadian Elections 2008

Canadian social democratic NDP leader Jack Layton proposed a real vote getter at a party rally this week. A generous "Child Care Benefit" . This for a country this already suffering the fastest population growth rate in the G8 group, and losing precious farmland to subdivisions as a result. My question, why not a tax subsidy for NOT having kids?

Will mass immigration mean mass starvation?

Canadian mass immigration apologists would have us believe that the frightening loss of farmland to development is simply a matter of poor land use planning, and that absurd levels of immigrant can be jacked up even further without ecological cost if "smart growth" strategies are followed. History has proven that claim a delusion and a lie.

In Canada Some Human Rights Are Practically Invisible

It is a triumph when finally a Canadian parliamentary committee when consider that foreign aid be made conditional on meeting human rights conditions. But what is meant by human rights? According to the right, it is respect for "property rights". According to the left, it is respect for the rights of people to protest without disappearing or being found dead on the road. There is another more fundamental right, however. The right not to have nine children and see them starve competing for food in a nation of runaway growth.

Elizabeth May caught in a logical trap of her own making

Canadian Greens leader, Elizabeth May has for years advocated packing ever more people closer together away from Canada's natural bounty. However, recently she made an about face and argued instead that immigrants should be spread out into rural areas.

Parable of the Co-Dependent Green Wife

The planning departments of every jurisdiction in North America seem to be captured by the philosophy of growth management, a defeatist attitude that also pervades the environmental movement. Growth is inevitable, so let's "manage" it. This ignores that fact that the tap has a spigot, and its spigot is controlled by an elected government with an immigration policy. In the following parable, a packrat husband can be compared to runaway immigration gone wild.

Could This Be The Second Boston Tea Party?

When union workers at a Mississippi factory took the initiative to blow the whistle on nearly 600 illegal workers and federal agents took the 600 into custody to the sound of the union workers' applause, it was an historic moment in US labour history. It was the workers taking charge and the government that was making the assist. The quisling union bureaucracy had no role in their triumph.

When Mass Immigration Meets Multiculturalism PC is Born

On a microcosmic level, sometimes the impact of mass immigration is political rather than ecological. In a small community, Canadians can clearly see that the price of cultural diversity is intellectual uniformity

Same money, same message: Barrack Obama (US) and Jack Layton (Canada)

US Democrat Barrack Obama and Canadian Social Democrat Jack Layton are just two different kinds of ventriloquists' doll, and the voice we hear through their lips is paid for by Wall Street. It's not what they say; it's who pays them that matters.

Prime Minister issues apology for wildlife holocaust

Canadian Prime Minister apologises for the extinction of Canadian wildlife via ill-judged policy of growing Canada's human population

US environmentalist takes equivocal stance on immigration in Lou Dobbs interview

During an interview with CNN's Lou Dobbs, Robert Engelman of Worldwatch Institute (, whilst acknowledging the threat posed to the future of the U.S. and our planet by overpopulation, understated the contribution to it by immigration, both illegal and legal.

Immigration to U.S. increases global greenhouse gas emissions

Once again Canadian Green Party leader Elizabeth May was wrong in her contention that immigration was a "trivial aspect of the world's and the country's environmental problems", as only 3% of the global population was on the move. So "stop beating up on immigrants." Well this report by the Centre for Immigration Studies reveals that immigration to the United States is putting the whole world, not just the US, in deep trouble. There is a message for Canada and Australia here too.

Bloomington USA - An oasis of sanity in a sea of growthist madness?

Could this be happening in the Land of MORE, MORE, MORE? Bloomington, Indiana supports a steady-state economy! You heard it right….

The Nature of Greed

How the culture of more of everything leaves us with no time for anything, anyone, nature or even ourselves. "Greed," writes Tim Murray, "is not just a quest for more money or material things."

The new case against immigration: A Comment on Mark Krikorian's thesis by James Schipper

This commentary on Mark Krikorian's latest book on immigration is typical of James Schipper's fresh and independent outlook. He shows the problem of assimilation from a different angle. It is not simply a matter of "too many too soon". Other factors come into play as well. Why is integration of newcomers important from an environmental perspective? Dr. William Rees, co-author of Our Ecological Footprint, said that social cohesion will be necessary to meet the upcoming ecological challenges that will face us.

Canadian media gushes when couple has 18th child

On Saturday July 26th, 2008, in a story that was repeated in many other news outlets, The Canadian Press reported that a Romanian immigrant couple in Abbotsford, British Columbia had their 18th child in 23 years, 13 of whom have been born since they came to Canada in 1990.

See also: Pronatalist Policy in Australia: 1945-2000 of 28 Jun 08 by Sheila Newman

Canada-Australia Swap Top Environmentalists

If only nations could rid their citizenry of the dead weight the way sports teams do by trading away players who do not produce. Canada and Australia have environmentalists and so-called greens who are not pulling their weight and letting the national team down. Let's make a deal.

CBC Journalist's Fake Broadcast Sparks Celebration

In filtering out the big picture of the runaway population growth that excessive immigration levels are driving in Canada, the CBC has been able to selectively focus on the tragedy of individual immigrant or refugee hardship cases. The technique of substituting human interest stories for solid broad analyis of immigration policy is a proven growthist strategy. Emotionialsm overcomes reason.

The nature of greed

For all of the high consumption of non-renewable natural resources by today's middle class Canadians, and the consequent ecological damage, how does their quality of life compare to those of Canadians of the 1950's with their much lower ecological footprint?

See also: Living standards and our material prosperity of 6 Sep 2007 on Online Opinion and discussion.

Emigration as a safety valve for tyrants

The politically correct coverage of the South African anti-immigrant riots by the CBC (and Australia's ABC) fails to consider how the true long term interests of the poor of both South Africa and the countries from which the immigrants come, such as Zimbabwe, may not be best served by unlimited immigration into South Africa.

See also: CBC condemns South African rioters of 25 May 08, Will the great immigration debate take place of 21 May 08

Friendly ultimatum to the Sierra Club of Canada

Communication with Canada's flagship Environmental NGO is a one-way street. Questionairres are sent to you that they expect you to answer but they will not respond to any inquiries of yours, especially impertinent politically incorrect questions, which make them squirm.

Article was originally posted to Sinking LifeBoat.

How green is "smart growth", really?

The Growth Management Industry, consisting of planning departments and pink and green growthists who belief that growth can be rendered ecologically benign by being channelled or fenced behind boundaries speak of "smart" growth the way the Pentagon speaks of "smart" bombs. Surgically targetted away from collateral damage like greenbelts and parks. But Brishen Hoff in this letter to a Green Party member, proves that no matter where they are distributed, people impact the environment. Numbers matter.


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