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Dear Pakistan: No Family Planning, No Aid---Get It?

Humanity's bottom billion is in a vicious downward cycle. It is imperative that they get control of their numbers---and it is imperative that we don't encourage them to avoid doing so.

The Six Clusters of Denial---Death by Storytelling

For each of us, denial, at some level, is a necessary coping strategy, but collectively, it is now our death knell. Perhaps its most deceptive form, however, is not wilful ignorance or idiotic pollyannsh hope, but the belief that writing about our crisis is in itself a solution.

The Most Important Articles Ever Written

Of the over 5700 articles that I have seen fit to archive in the past four years, two or three dozen stand out for their insight. But of those, five in particular remain conspicuous for their novelty or their ability to change perceptions or misperceptions. They were the right articles for the right time.

Canada: Do Immigrants Really Want To Resist Assimilation?

It has been said that the latest influx of immigrants is of different mentality than those who preceded them. Immigrants of an earlier generation, according to this sentiment, were anxious to join in and fuse with the mainstream culture, but immigrants now feel no such impulse. Rather, it is argued, they wish to nestle in the warm bosom of a neighbourhood or enclave of those of similar ethnicity and remain distinct and seperate from the mainstream culture. This is a perilous assumption.

Another Murdoch hydra head of misinformation needs chopping

What Paul Kelly ofThe Australian writes about Canada in his article, 'Small thinking in great leap backwards', is a blatant lie, says Canadian Tim Murray. "It's all too reminiscent of What Malcolm Muggeridge wrote about the way British socialists romanticised Stalin's Russia.

There Are Limits To Conservation

In our one-party growthist state, left and right factions wage a phoney battle of whether to grow the energy pie to satisfy growing demand or to slow down that growth with more conservation measues. But conservation only postpones the day of reckoning. It is time that we stopped growth at its roots.

More Apologetics For Smart Growth

Smart growth represents the perfect compromise between corporations pushing growth and the environmental organizations they pay to look the other way. The corporations keep their profits while wearing a green cloak of social responsibility, while the green NGOs get dirty corporate money to keep their bureaucracies in business. Three questions come to mind. Why won't the members and supporters of these noble green crusading frauds do due diligence by reading the financial reports of their beloved organizations and follow the corporate money trail? And if they did, would they have the integrity to quit. And thirdly, where the hell is the Canadian media on this? Is investigative journalism alive in Canada?

Foreign Aid Is Not Working----But Neither Are The Reasons Given For It

Garrett Hardin famously wrote that no one ever died from overpopulation. Reading the rash of autopsies on the failure of foreign aid to cure Africa of poverty, one would gain the same impression. The lack of family planning is not even on the radar. Baffling.

The World Needs Fewer Canadian Consumers---Not More "Green" Ones

There is now a surfeit of "green living" tips that adorn the websites of environmental NGOs and corporations alike, all eager to tell the carbon-obsessed how much more responsible they can be by changing their consumer habits. Conspiculously absent, however, is any suggestion that you might limit your family to one child or that the Minister of Immigration might change his lifestyle of opening the floodgates to incoming footprints from other lands so that they can multiply their ecological impacts upon arrival. The whole exercise is classic displacement behaviour---a feel good distraction from the nasty task at hand: keeping our numbers down.

News of Our Success is Greatly Exaggerated

It seems that in their search for greener pastures Australian planners, polticians and demographers have seized on "the Vancouver model" or "the Canadian experience" to justify their mad dream of cramming another 14 million people into the country. But the Canada they speak of must exist in a parallel universe, because it is not the one that Canadians "experience". Managing growth is like grabbing a tiger by the tail-----we are the ones who get "managed"---one bite at a time.

Call to Triple Canada's Population Met With Ridicule

Grandiose fantasies about filling up a continent to create a great and powerful nation are not exclusive to Australia. Demographic hubris is alive and well in Canada too, and even now, after the loss of 20% of our best farmland to development, with more than a thousand species at risk and an immigrant population that has, over the last two decades, generated four times as much GHG emissions as the Albert Tar Sands megaproject, there are people who believe in a Big Canada concept. Irving Studin of the University of Toronto is one of them.

The Top 10 Pat Cliches of Civic Boosterism

To win election to local office requires a fluency in vacuous growthist idiocy, a combination of greenwash and bimbo boosterism. Here is toolkit of ten cliches that are generic to successful political campaigns across the anglophone world. If liberally sprinkled throughout your speeches, you will be guaranteed favourable treatment from the business community and the lap-dog media, dependent as it is on the advertising revenue of the real estate industry.

The Seven Stages of Political Correctness

Political correctness, like grief, can only be overcome in stages. By tapping into the inner strength that lies within each of us, and tuning out the greenbabble of self-righteous soft green hypocrites, you can overcome your habit of parrotting the prefabricated opinions of journatlists and politicians and regain your intellectual independence. But learning to think for yourself cannot happen overnight. Let me walk you through it.

CBC interviews Julia Whitty on The Last Taboo

Is the last taboo the issue of human overpopulation? Or is it challenging the fem-left, which having torpedoed the Cairo Conference on population some 16 years ago continues to thwart debate on effective birth control measures and consigns sustainability to the back seat behind women's rights?

Just Give Me The Facts M'am----Lets stop feeding reality the comfort food of false hope

In the Culture of Positive Thinking, realism, aka "pessimism", is the new atheism. Refusal to be "positive" and optimistic is a cardinal sin. It is "letting the team down", for the truth cannot be permitted to inhibit morale. Every political party, every church, every fundraiser demands optimism. Bubbly bimbos pop up on every weather forecast to tell us how wonderful our weekend is going to be and unbearably effusive realtors and buoyant brokers present financial Armageddon as a buying opportunity. Even the editors of 'doomsday' blogs call for upbeat messages. Is there anything more absurd that putting a positive spin on a die-off? Most reprehensible, however, is the Tony Robbins or Bernie Siegal school of environmentalism, a branch plant of the Self-Help movement, which seems to argue that green living habits are a substitute for radical institutional change. The name of the game in North America, after all, is not to effect real change, but to feel good about oneself. The Culture of Positive Thinking looks more and more like the old Culture of Narcissism in green drag. As the world collapses around us, we look inward for solutions. Escape rather than engagement is the flavor of the month. Just what the boss ordered.

Phillippe Cousteau's Sin of Omission----A Generation Gap We Can't Afford

Overpopulation is an unfashionable topic. Just ask the children or the grandchildren of iconic environmentalists. Somehow the gene for holistic perception has missed them. Or is it the spirit of the times? It seems that while we have doubled our population since the first Earth Day, we have halfed our courage. How can a subject so vital to sustainability become MORE taboo today than it was forty years ago?

Anti-Growth Activists Are Too Negative

The future is much brighter than you think. Your problem is that you lack faith, faith in a Higher Power---your local Planning Department. What we have here, you see, is a failure to communicate. It is time Malthusians drop the histrionics and listened to reason. If they took the time to actually get down on their knees and in total humility surrendered themselves to the Great Planning Authority in heaven they could hear His voice and be happily be resigned to their pre-ordained role as subordinate agents of His will. The GPA knows best. Before Him, there was no city. And then behold, He created it and overnight it was a sprawling megalopolis. Face it, when you lived in a quiet, stable environment, you were lonely. The Creator at City Hall realized that domesticated animals alone could not suffice as adequate company. He knew that you needed six million other humans to jam into the area and take your mind off yourself. And He was right. You hardly have time to think now that you are so busy scrambling to pay for your housing costs. So let urban planners be your guide and your rock.

Vancouver's Greener Pastures Don't Measure Up to Premier Blight's Description

Malcolm Muggeridge once wrote scathingly about the English socialists who praised the achievements of Stalin's Russia after a brief guided tour of the workers' paradise. Pity that he is not alive to write about Anna Bligh's mischaracterization of Vancouver. It is time that foreign growth boosters were called out on their use of the "Vancouver model" as a showcase for "green development". It is goddam lie. Bligh and the growth-management industry of urban planners who parrot this line should be shipped to Vancouver and made to live their on the subsistence income that four in ten Vancouverites struggle to survive on.

The Three Laws of Monbiotics

If you, like so many connected to the real world, have difficulty understanding George Monbiot's persistent need to deny the critical role that population growth plays in pushing us to the precipice---read this. Here Wendy Kellett presents the rosetta stone that unlocks the mysterious internal logic of Monbiot-speak: The Three Laws of Monbiotics

How To Tell Your Parents That You Are A Malthusian

For most of us, "coming out" as a Malthusian is the most trying event of our lives, and facing our parents with this dreadful secret is the most stressful part of it. How do we break it to them? How do we tell them that we will not and cannot satisfy their fantasies of one day settling down with a blind cornucopian fool and siring or conceiving yet more unnecessary children? That the pitter-patter of little ecological footprints will never echo throughout their home or if they did they would bear no genetic relationship to them? One thing is certain. We MUST tell them, for hiding our opposition to irresponsible fecundity is a burden we cannot long bear.

Vancouver Re-visited----Multicultural Balkanization as the cart, not the horse

In urban Canada, we have imported a slave labour caste and condemned them for their apparent inability or unwillingness to assimilate. The truth is, they want to become Canadians, but are too exhausted and pre-occupied with survival to become full participants in mainstream society. The irony is, they are victims of their own arrival. Immigrant-driven population growth has inflated housing costs to the point that they must run even faster and longer than other Canadians to eke out an insufficient living. The solution is cross-cultural solidarity, but higher wages for shorter hours is its prerequisite.

Canada's International Cooperation Minister Uncooperative----Harper government refuses to fund overseas abortions

Canada has a two-tiered policy on family planning. Pro-choice at home and No-Choice abroad. The consequences of this double-standard will be enormous. Canada is about to deny women of other nations the same right that Canadian law affords women here---the right to a safe and legal abortion.

Debate on Population Growth Showcases the Ignorance of Pro-Immigrationists

ABC radio gave a generous allotment of time to Steve Bracks to regurgitate the same growthist cliches that Canadians too are force-fed every day from the mainstream media. The difference was it also allowed Sheila Newman just enough time to demolish them. No policy which inflates land costs--the cost of mortgages, property taxes and rents---and forces the workforce to spend their lives on a treadmill trying and failing to keep up their payments can be regarded as necessary to secure their comfortable retirement. Yet that is what hyper immigration does in both our continents. It is a pyramid scam with developers at the top and the political class and media in tow.

What Mother Nature Doesn't Care About

Mother Nature doesn't give a crap about our moral imperatives. She doesn’t care if people we judge to be worthy (the poor, the persecuted, the people of colour, the handicapped, the fashionably oppressed) should be lifted on to our lifeboat, only if it is overloaded. And whether the passengers live together without class barriers or in feudal subjugation is of no concern to nature either. The laws of physics trump the laws of any Holy Text, ethical system or left-wing manifesto. If we want to survive, we will have to play by nature's rules, not ours.

Blessed Are The Trouble-Makers

Fighting growth in a small community is a lonely crusade. Ostracism and social isolation are the rewards for those who defy small town boosterism and the coalition of sleeze----the pact betwen developers and environmentalists to fashion growth with a green face.

Optimism Is Just Another Word For Delusional Hubris

Why be optimistic or pessimistic? Why not just be realistic? Isn't that what a scientist should be?

We Need Binocular Vision To See Our Limitations ---Ecological Footprint Analysis is a necessary but insufficient tool

We cannot afford to examine our crisis with one eye. We need binocular vision. We need both Ecological Footprint Analysis (EFA) and Societal Overextension Analysis (SOA). Bound together they would provide a panoramic view of sustainability.

Wilful Ignorance Is The Bedrock of Denialism

At times most of us are ignorant or lazy in at least one facet of our lives. But in others we exhibit industry and curiousity about those matters that affect our personal well-being. Yet the great majority of people are deliberately oblivious to those societal issues that threaten our collective survival. We simply don't want to know. And we will pay for this wilful ignorance


Being a Two-Way Player on Team "IPAT"

Population activists have been frequently accused of taking a simplistic approach to our environmental crisis. We are told that it is not just about human numbers, but how we choose to live. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. It is the environmental movement that is guilty of over-simplification. If they concede that population growth is a worthy concern, it is usually an afterthought, and typically framed as a global problem that afflicts distant continents. Their maniacal obsession with per capita consumption invites a countervailing stress on over-population.

To Believe or Not to Believe---That is the Question---Dawkins, Hedges and Human Nature

Religion comes in many guises. Orthodox or established belief systems have no monopoly in delusional thinking. In fact, it is my contention that such thinking is central to our makeup, and that efforts to eradicate it, however well merited, are futile. That is why we are doomed. We need comfort as well as truth, and are programmed to ignore or deny long-term threats. Delusional thinking gets us through the night, but it will not get us through this century. (Also published on


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