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Questions About Haiti's Earthquake That The Media Never Asks

As the first anniversary of Haiti's devastating earthquake approaches, the questions that I asked then remain unasked and unanswered by the Canadian media today. Apparently, as Garrett Hardin famously observed, no one ever dies from over-population. And no one ever dies from Canada's criminally irresponsible foreign aid and immigration policies, which are serving as birth stimulants to those nations--- like Haiti---which are given little incentive to address the root cause of their misery.

The Seven Subsets of Anti-Growth Consciousness

It has almost become commonplace now for prominent environmentalists like David Suzuki to declare that economic growth cannot continue in a finite world. Even Canadian Green Party leader Elizabeth May has been heard to quote Paul Ehrlich's old line that "growth is the ideology of the cancer cell". The problem is, however, that they do not follow this insight through to its logical conclusion. What does economic growth consist of? If population growth is a critical ingredient of economic growth, then what drives population growth? And if migration to affluent countries promotes population growth in both the nations of emigration and the recipient countries, must not any credible strategy to fight economic growth involve tightening borders and restricting this flow?

Children As Weeds

Upon waking this morning, the first of January, I expect the media to lead off with what has become a tiresome ritual. Declaring the "winner" of the First-Baby-Of-The-Year Derby. Or should it be called "The Race To Extinction Derby"? Is there anything more symbolic of our collective stupidity and denial as celebrating the addition of the earliest born human being to a species that has rocketed to nearly 7 billion? I think it is timely then to reprise something I wrote a year and a half ago. I have not flinched in my fealty to these sentiments. It is something, which, if it appeared in the local community magazine, would ensure my lynching. That it would inspire such a reaction is proof, I think, of its veracity.

Dressing Up An Invasion In The Guise of Tolerance and Diversity

The most effective way to conquer and colonize a people is to strip them of their identity as a people, as a distinctive culture and as a sovereign nation, and to delegate the wet work to a Puppet Intelligentsia. Like the Jews (Kapos) of the Warsaw ghetto whom the Nazis appointed to manage an orderly genocide, this contemptible class of rootless cosmopolitans, with media collusion, then set to work in convincing a new generation that they are part of a greater whole, a noble international enterprise, an empire, and that allegiance to the land of their forefathers is parochial, anachronistic, selfish and ‘nativist’. No sooner did we throw off the shackles of our infantile self-image as British ‘subjects’ when now, we are intoned to become “citizens of the world”. But we are not citizens in a global participatory democracy, but the passive consumers of global capitalism. In the name of diversity were are seeing what is left of our identity tossed into a global blender, with the left is calling it international workers solidarity. Face it. What we are witnessing is an invasion, and multiculturalism is just a useful smokescreen.

Fledgling Canadian Immigration Reform Organization Once Again The Victim Of The Green-Left Smear Network

In terms of numbers, Green-Left ideologues are marginal. But they punch far above their weight. Their mission is plant preconceptions about eco-Malthusians in the minds of grass roots environmentalists and those few in the media would invite our input. Left unchallenged, this bad rap becomes conventional wisdom, and doors continue to slam in our faces. And these New McCarthyists know it. It is time we gave them a dose of their own medicine. We must expose their corporate funding sources and ask the obvious questions. Whose agenda are THEY serving? Whose interest is served by open borders? Are not the "eco-socialists" and "green" Trots Wall Street's useful idiots?

In Search Of A Visual Metaphor For Overshoot: The Sinking Lifeboat Still Makes The Point Best

Overpopulation conjures up many images. Most typically, one thinks of traffic gridlock or bulldozers ripping up forests or farmland to make way for more housing developments. But these images fail to impress the green wing of the Growth-Management Industry, the so-called "environmentalists" of the "progressive" coalition of feminists, eco-socialists, soft-greens and human rights advocates. For them there are always "solutions" that obviate the need to face the elephant in the room. Public transport, smart growth, green technology and good green living habits will do the trick. The trouble is, they won't. It is all a delusion. Numbers matter--the social justice agenda cannot defeat the laws of physics. And the best metaphor to make that point remains Garrett Hardin's sinking lifeboat.

Mother Nature Is Not Fooled By Euphemisms----Language As A Tool Of Deception And Self-Destruction

Newspeak, Political Correctness or Greenwash, euphemisms are the language of deceit, manipulation and even self-deception. But while we can fool all of the people some of the time, or some of the people all of the time, we can't fool Mother Nature at any time. She's not fooled by trendy green euphemisms or oxymorons. Call it economic development or sustainable development, but she has only one word for it---growth. All human activity is subject to her objective measure, and it will be registered as having an impact.

Serving Notice To Feminists

Some argue that our survival depends on an extension or restoration of what we deem as human "rights". But what if the sum total of individuals exercising their "rights" results in the net loss of our collective rights? Or even the extinction of our species? In a world of nearly 7 billion people can there be any pro-create "right"? What Isasc Asimov said of democracy can be said of rights and freedoms. Inevitably, they will be the victims of overpopulation. As Wendy Kellett remarked, "The more crowded we become, the more governments will police our behaviour and restrict our movements and activities: this will be the end result of the laissez-faire ideology which dominates economic and social policy."

Canada's Demographic Auction: The Public Voice Is Unheard In The Great Rush To Grow

There is an unrelenting media campaign to tell Canadians that we must grow our population. We need more babies and more immigrants or very bad things will happen. But there are voices that question this assumption. They are heard on the streets, in the pubs and at the dining room table. But they are seldom heard in the media. Especially not on the airways of the CBC, that vehicle of growthist PC propaganda which all taxpayers are forced to endow.

Mass Immigration or the Alberta Tar Sands Project: Which Disaster Will Have The Greater Impact On GHG Emissions?

Our schizophrenic environmental movement and its parliamentary voice, the Green Party, continues to make the Alberta Tar Sands Project the focus of its wrath. But the ongoing ecological disaster of mass immigration is completely off their radar screen. In fact, the federal Greens advocate an immigration intake 25% higher than the current Conservative government's. Like the vast majority of Greens across the world, they see no essential relationship between population growth and environmental degradation. So how does the Tar Sands project compare to immigration in the one measurement that Greens almost exclusively regard as an index of ecological impact---carbon emissions?

Who Needs Stephen King When We Are Already Living In A Nightmare?

Of all annual rituals, Halloween strikes me as the most absurd. The eternal question is, why do we need to scare children in an era when real-life horror envelopes us?

The Green Contradiction: Fences Work, But Then Don't

How is this for a coherent ideology: We can protect farmland and wildlife habitat by building zoning fences around our cities which are bursting from the mass immigration which we support. But we cannot and should not build a fence around our nation to protect farmland and wildlife habitat from that same immigrant-driven population growth. We should also densify our cities to lower per capita energy costs, but disperse people to populate our hinterlands at the same time. And we must oppose the corporate agenda of lowering barriers to trans-national movement of goods, but support the corporate agenda of promoting the unfettered trans-national movement of cheap labour. Welcome to the world of the Green-Left. Watermelon Globalists who wear a green coat to disguise a misguided and antique vision of a borderless world. A perverse globalism that markets itself as international solidarity.

Growth Madness---The Thief Who Stole Time

What happened to the leisure society we were promised just four decades ago? Where went the spare time we used to enjoy then? What the hell happened to the social relationships we used to enjoy then, face-to-face with people close at hand? Never mind nature, what has corporate capitalism done to us?

Is Harper Following The Howard Game-Plan?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada has happened upon the John Howard confidence trick. In the shell game of electoral politics, it is important to get the audience to focus on the pea marked "bogus refugees" rather than the one marked "unsustainable immigration". That way corporations get the policy they paid for. The growth of the cheap labour pool and legions of new consumers. We clap our hands at the crackdown, and are none the wiser for it.

SUVs Built For People Whose Delusions Are Without Limits

Trapped in a morass of middle class mediocrity--- a life of long commutes, road rage, double-income stress, crippling mortgages and rents---- the average American urbanite dreams the fantasy of weekend escape. Car makers and the advertising agencies they employ are there to offer it to them. TV commercials assure us that the SUV is your ticket to the promised land, the ticket to off-road heaven, the chance to enjoy the tranquillity and space that willderness offers by trashing it. Not to worry. As the commercials show, there is plenty where that came from. The world is without limits, and you can be one of a 100 million to find a chunk of solitude just for yourself. To use and abuse.

Continuing Growth Is Not An Option

Anti-growth activists are caught in a vice. In large urban areas bursting at the seams with overtaxed infrastructure, the potent force of the growth lobby and the pervasive influence of the media that supports it makes opposition to the growth juggernaut hazardous to mind, body and spirit. Yet life in a rural locality presents an even more daunting challenge. The costs of growth are not so manifest to those who do not understand its exponential nature. The benefits of fresh air, tranquility and wildlife are taken for granted, and the allure of big city amenities is irresistible. Locals are beguiled by the promise that new development will solve unemployment, increase the supply of affordable housing and keep young people close to hearth and home. To stand up against growth in a small town is to invite ostracism and ridicule from uncomprehending minds that cannot understand why anyone would oppose "progress". The following letter was submitted to the newspaper of one such town, but it could have been the template for letters to almost any small town newspaper in North America or Australia or elsewhere---newspapers which live on the advertising revenue from the businesses that profit from growth.

The Most Probable of Apocalyptic Movies?

The question has been asked, "What useful purpose is served by spreading the most pessimistic message possible?" The answer is that Malthusians need to convince people that our situation is extreme before they will agree to what they now perceive to be our "extreme" solutions---until then it will be "business as usual". Movies, videos and you-tubes can be more effective in conveying the extent of our clear and present danger than dry text. "The Road" is one such movie. After viewing it, many people will ask themselves, "Do I want my children or grandchildren to wind up on that road---or can we take a detour now, while there is still time?"

Bulldozer Blues

From Montreal to Melbourne, from Brisbane to Boston, ordinary people across the world feel like helpless bystanders as woodlands or wetlands or farmlands fall victim to the bulldozer. Madeline Weld, President of the Population Institute of Canada, articulates that feeling well in what could become a theme song for all of us---the Bulldozer Blues. It is about sprawl in Ottawa, but actually, it is about sprawl everywhere.

Four Stages in Finding a Mechanism for Rapid Population Decline

The resolution to rapidly reduce the human population involves patient choreography. First it must be seen to be necessary, and then an effective procedure has to be established with all options on the table. Ethical considerations must wait their term, and when they are called upon, the question can only be, not what is humane or inhumane, but what is the least inhumane of effective options. The choice is often not between Good and Evil, but between greater or lesser evils.

Humanity and The Kittens---Learning to say "NO" to the human voice of compassion

Is the nurturing instinct our greatest enemy? Is our inner voice for compassion responsible for our paralytic response to overpopulaton? Are we incapable of saying "No more"? We must learn to, or we will perish.

The Fake Environmentalists and their Pretend-Game

There is a grassroots storm gathering across the land against the endless development that is being shoved down our throats. But beware of those who would attempt to commandeer it for their own purposes, and manage growth by managing opposition to it. Beware of those who would wear us down by reacting to the symptoms of growth, rather than growth itself. Beware of the Pied Pipers of Green Deceit. Beware of the Fake Environmentalists and their Pretend-Game.

Mindless Philanthropy At The Grass Roots Level

The role of an activist must not be to feel good about him (or her)-self, but to confront and take down the system which is destroying us. It is not to address symptoms or ameliorate conditions but attack root causes. Effecting radical change may in fact involve making conditions worse in order to make them eventually better. Unconditional aid to nations like the Philippines is an act of criminal irresponsibility and ignorance.

Virtue in a Jackboot

Political correctness is a novel form of dictatorship imposed by those who affect self-righteousness. It is virtue in a jackboot, lodged in the faces of all those who dare to challenge prevailing doctrine. A societal poison so pervasive that it must be neutralized before it destroys democracy itself. In his book, "The Retreat of Reason---Political Correctness and the Corruption of Debate in Modern Britain", Anthony Browne offers us an antidote---speak out against it!

The Totalitarian Mindset on College Campuses

North American colleges and universities have become boot camps for political correctness and cultural relativism. Their motto is (with apologies to Ignatius Loyola): "Give me a student when he is 18, and he is mine for life."

Agriculture: Ending the World As We Know It

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a paradigm-shift. In this article, John Feeney manages to be both concise and comprehensive. So many shrill voices locate our problem in the capitalist economic system, in the paradigm of economic growth, in obsolete technology, in greed or selfishness, in irresponsible living habits, in organized religion and so forth. But it goes much deeper than that. Not only is industrial civilization unsustainable, but so is civilization itself. "Civilization is made possible by agriculture. Agriculture is unsustainable."

Lester Brown's Box

The food race is a race that humanity cannot afford to win. We must restore the balance between birth and death by shifting our efforts from preventing death toward preventing births. To reach that conclusion, we must think outside the box.

Debt Compels Growth---Why the Numbers are Stacked Against Steady-State Policies

Debt-based capitalism is caught in a vice of an irreconciliable contradiction. The exponential nature of compound interest and the growth of money faces the geologically imposed limits of dwindling reserves of non-renewable natural resources upon which the real economy depends. No fancy fiscal footwork can side-step this fatal collision. Soon the pretence that money is real and physics is man-made will come to an abrupt end.

The Missing Ingredient in the Tamil Refugee Debate

The smear campaigns and race-baiting of the Green-Left McCarthyist coalition of limousine liberals, human rights advocates, clerics, Trotskyist relics and soft green environmentalists cannot defeat biophysical laws nor discredit the argument for living within our carrying capacity. Their shocking ignorance and despicable tactics must not dissaude us from continuing to make the ecological case against the open borders mentality.

The Economist---Strong on Economics, Weak on Ecology and Short of Ideas

The Economist magazine is the quintessential mouthpiece of PC laissez-faire economics, the apostle of hip and trendy free market capitalism. Even those who reject their blinkered world view imbibe it with the same rationale they employ when they listen to public broadcasters like the CBC, the BBC or the ABC. They believe that the Economist's comprehensive coverage of international events suffices to excuse its distortions of them. But is it better to be comprehensively misinformed than uninformed?

Feminists and Human Rights Advocates Just Don't Get It---Nothing Trumps the Need For Rapid Human Population Decline

The following statement by Suzanne Petroni from Population and Environment DOI 10.1007/s11111-009-0085-1, goes some way to explain why doctrinaire feminism has presented a major blockade to effective measures for population stabilization and reduction in the past two decades. Note the obligatory white guilt rich-man, poor-man argument. How dare we tell poor developing nations to rein in their population when we of the wicked affluent north, are driving climate change with our high consumption? Nothing is said of the damage done to biodiversity by poorer nations, or that they should perhaps accept some responsibility for it. After all, it is all about climate now, isn't it? The collapse of biodiversity services and the loss of non-renewable natural resources hardly merit mention--- even if those brick walls are right around the corner.


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