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Iraq: Who Won, Who Lost, Who Got Screwed?

This article, by Frosty Wooldridge, is simply the best damn summation of the human costs of the Iraq War I have yet read. IMHO, Wooldridge is the best writer in the business. He has three things going for him. A firm grasp of reality, a command of the facts, and the creativity to write about them---- driven by the rocket fuel of rage and passion. Say no more. Tim Murray

What Will The Grandmothers Say?

Many people have chosen to limit their family size and in some cases even elected to remain childless, but in almost all cases, they have done so for personal, not ecological reasons. Is the notion that they would make those same choices in the interest of our collective well-being and survival as a species asking too much of them? Is it too much to ask of us to over-ride our genetic and cultural programming to procreate in the interests of a greater good? Perhaps it is. Perhaps the "mutual coercion" that Garrett Hardin talked about, the imposition of birth control laws, can never be "mutually agreed upon" on a scale that would produce meaningful results in the very short time frame we have to avoid disaster. The best people to ask are ordinary people. Would grandmothers choose a world with fewer grandchildren?

Immigration Reformers Don't Live Where Young People Live

The generation gap is wider now than it ever was. Why? And what can old boomers do about it?

Recipe for Nuclear Winter

Has the prospect of global temperature rises between two and six degrees centigrade got you down? Don’t worry, for the world might well be in for a cooling trend. The kind that comes after the planet is enveloped in a canopy of ash and debris following a thermo-nuclear war.
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The Lesson That Pearl Harbor Should Teach Us----Seven Decades After The Japanese Attack And We Still Don't Get It

Once again, we come upon another poignant anniversary. December 7, the day that the Japanese Imperial Navy attacked Pearl Harbor some 70 years ago. Like 9/11, it is traditionallly marked as a significant historical event. But I believe that it is significant for entirely different reasons than what we have been given. On December 7, 1941, the Japanese government undertook a desperate gamble. The questions we need to ask are several. What made them desperate? What would make nations desperate today? What do desperate nations and desperate people do when they reach desperation? And what do we do when these desperate nations and people are armed with nuclear weapons?

Protecting Nature While Ignoring Immigration?

Reflecting upon the events of the past year (2011) in Canada, the travesty of our democracy remains salient. Mother Nature was not allowed on the ballot, and none of the five major parties were prepared to support her cause. None of them---not even the Green Party----were prepared to say that Canada's runaway population was killing biodiversity, paving farmland or raising carbon emissions. Why? Quite simply, the environmental movement had failed to create a large constituency of support for population reduction in Canada. Nothing underscores that failure better than a look at Nature Canada and its campaign to encourage supporters to ask the Harper Consevative government what it thought were penetrating questions about protecting the environment.

Noble Intentions And Stupid Actions

The late Michael Crichton was partially right. The environmental movement in an increasingly secular society has assumed the mantle of Christianity. This is most particularly true, I would submit, in its obsession with motivations and intentions, as if nature gave a damn what we "intended". Too often those in the "environment justice" coalition choose politically correct pursuits and ignore their ecologically incorrect consequences.

Canada's Team "B" ---The Pathetic Politics of Progressive Growthism

The shocking death this past summer of Canada's newly-elected Leader of the Official Opposition, Jack Layton, forced me to put the following article on hold. Mr. Layton's sincerity, persistence and bouyant optimism in the face of encroaching cancer was inspirational even to his political enemies. Nothing could attest more to his universal appeal than the fact that a state funeral was held in his honour. Nevertheless, respect for the man should not mean that criticism of his policy direction should be suspended or that his ideology---the ideology of his party----should enjoy indefinite immunity from critical examination.

Nature Doesn't Care About Our "Efficiencies"

Of all religions, nothing is more enduring than our misplaced faith in technology. The truth is, there is no technological "fix" for overconsumption.

Democracy Is Not Panacea

Whenever democracy breaks out from its shackles, we celebrate the event as if the victory has been won. But no sooner is the confetti swept from the pavement when, it seems, the honeymoon is over, and the movement or politician that was hailed as a saviour becomes the subject of disappointment. We suffer the cold realization that some problems defeat us---or those we have elected to solve them. We come to understand that even if King Canute had been a constitutional monarch who commanded the incoming tide to stop in the name of some democratic assembly, his order would still have been to no avail. There are limits to our power, however we consitute it. Especially when we command nature to yield what it can no longer supply what we have been accustomed to expect.

The Seventh Extinction Event: Not Just Another Conspiracy Theory

I am not, by nature, a conspiracy theorist. As Carl Sagan said, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. But when people of my ilk consistently see our interviews, op-eds, and lecture invitations abruptly cancelled with feeble excuses given---if given at all---then random events suddenly take on a pattern. If we examine it, I think only one conclusion emerges as most plausible. We have been witnessing a slow strangulation of debate about overpopuation. It represents a mass die-off of open discussion of arguably the most important topic of our time by those upon whom our society most depends. Our scientists.

Mother Nature Reveals Her Energy Descent Action Plan

It seems that we are under the impression that Mother Nature will award us points for effort. If we do our best and try living less unsustainably, she will forgive us our sins and let us stay in the game because, well, surely she realizes that we are something special---and should get special treatment. But the truth is, this lady is not for turning. She is one 'hard-ass', a referee that cannot be swayed by our histrionics or our pleading. We have got to understand that she has her own schedule, and will not hold up the train for us.

Why Climate Change Is Not My Focus

Let's assume that the AGW hypothesis is correct. Let's accept that man-made climate change is real and that it is serious. Very serious. Should it then be our prime focus? I would argue not.

Suzuki Lets Us Down Again---Environmental NGOs M.I.A. On October 31st

October 31st, 2011, was a "teachable" moment, one of those moments that come so infrequently that they must therefore be seized and exploited to the fullest extent to increase public awareness. That was the day that, according to demographers, we reached an awful milestone, the day that our species became 7 billion in number. If you expected David Suzuki to use that event to highlight the problem of overpopulation, your expectations would have been cruelly dashed. Dr. Suzuki instead chose to spout the Monbiot line. Overpopulation is not the problem, you see. Its overconsumption by you know who.
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CBC Discussion On Overpopulation Has Ego-Socialists In A Fit

No sooner did Madeline Weld finish her CBC interview about human overpopulation, when the Green-Left brigade swung into action trying to douse the flames ignited by truth. But this time they were too late. The truth got out.

Nature Is Not On The Ballot in Canada's elections

In the TV debate of April 12, 2011, the leaders of Canada's four parties with parliamentary seats demonstrated that beneath the phony left-right dichotomies, parliament is ideologically monolithic in the most important sense. All of them believe in the necessity, desirability and possibility of continuing economic growth, and that immigration-driven population growth is its necessary concomitant and driver. But how could it be otherwise? Politicians do not effect change, they respond to it. And the environmental movement---and its political arm in the NDP and the Green Party, has done nothing to create a constituency of awareness that population growth in Canada is unsustainable, an awareness that if widely shared, would compel political parties and their leaders to address it. Most culpable is David Suzuki, who could move mountains if he would publicly say what he has said of Australia: that in relation to our resources, we are in serious population overshoot.

Classic Green Drivel

The Canadian federal election cries out for an alternative to BAU growthism. It cries out for a party which would present a coherent and distinctive alternative to the system of economic growth. Canadians need a place on the ballot where they can mark an "X" beside "no more growth". In fact they need an opportunity for vote for "de-growth". But the Green Party of Canada is not providing them with that opportunity or alternative. Instead, what they are providing is meaningless rhetoric and platitudes. Shall we lend credence to their approach by voting for them? Shall we allow them to say that they have our support for their direction? Shall we allow them to say, after receiving our vote, that they have a mandate to push for hyper immigration and a foreign aid policy that would continue to promote global overpopulation? I say no. I say that casting a vote can sometimes be worse than spoiling a ballot. There are many things one can do to promote change that voting in a sham election. Writing, petitioning, demonstrating and educating the grassroots come to mind.

Questions That Continue To Bedevil Me

Imagine trying to drive your car from Alice Springs to Melbourne or from Vancouver to Winnipeg on one tank of gas. One passenger, the environmentalist, suggests that by driving at moderate speed, the car will run for more miles per gallon. Another passenger, the techno-optimist, believes that if the car has a tune-up, it will go farther on that tank of gas than if it didn't. The socialist passenger, meanwhile, believes that conflict in the car between the two privileged people in the front and the 5 people jammed in the back could cause you to drive off the road. Guess what. They are all right---the car would probably go further if you followed their advice. One problem. The difference would be marginal. The car would still fall well short of its destination. Living 'smaller', increasing technological efficiency and achieving equality would make but a trivial and short-lived impact on overshoot. To suggest otherwise reflects a serious lack of perspective and scale.

That is our predicament. We won't make it with 7 billion people, and the preoccupation with green living, technological efficiencies and wealth redistribution will not make a dent on overshoot. The focus then, must be on rapid population decline. The fight for sustainability cannot be a war fought on all fronts, but a single-minded determination to remove the first stumbling block to solving all other problems.

The Dues We Pay To Political Correctness---Buying Approval At The Cost Of Truth

The venerable superstars of the population movement carried the cause on their backs for decades, but do they warrant immunity from our criticisms simply on that basis? Are the things that they are NOT saying to remain within the pale of socially acceptable comment impeding the advancement of the "neo-Malthusian" agenda? Is "overpopulation" the most absurd taboo----or is it the measures needed to reverse it?

Malthus and the Vicious Circle Principle

It is ironic that both those, like myself, who call themselves "Malthusians" and those who declare their antipathy to Malthusianism share a common trait. We don't seem to know or understand what Malthus actually said or meant. Here, Craig Dilworth sets the record straight by showing us where Malthus was right and where he was wrong, and in so doing, offers us an insight into the role that technology plays in population overshoot. I expect that Craig's recently published book, Too Smart For Our Own Good will take its place along side William Catton's "Overshoot" as a landmark of ecological understanding. I am looking forward to reading it. This submission should whet our appetites.


Vancouver Named World's Most Livable City

First the Fraser Institute was named Canada's top "Think Tank" and among the best of 25 Think Tanks in the world. Now Vancouver has been named the world's most livable city. At this rate, I suppose that soon it will be named the driest city on the continent. Who is making these judgments, a Queensland politician? Here's a tip. Before you rave about Vancouver, try living there on an average wage. Good luck.

Deconstructing The Dangerous Dogma Of Denial: The Feminist-Environmental Justice Movement And Their Flight From Overpopulation

It has become an unwritten rule of political correctness that in order to criticize people or their ideology one must share a biological characteristic of the people being criticized. The inherent racism or sexism of this assumption is lost on those who insist upon it. Nevertheless the rule, in all of its absurdity, persists. Good arguments are routinely dismissed not on their merits, but by the fact that they are waged by someone thought to be racially or sexually disqualified to comment on the issue. This cannot apply here, for Madeline Weld, President of the Population Institute of Canada, is a woman, and she reproaches the fem-left for its collusion in the crippling of the Program of Action as set out by the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo 16 years ago. Ms. Weld asserts that the feminist wing of the so-called "Environmental Justice" movement be held to account for their part in scuttling effective population stabilization programs in developing countries. Take this Betsy Hartmann!

Undeserved Connotations----The Ugly C-Word In The Population Debate

"What's in a name?", as Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet. Actually, quite a lot. Words carry connotations, and choosing the right one, or wrong one, can frame an issue in such a way as to discredit a given policy option or favourably mischaracterize another. Has the word "coercion" be subjected to a one-sided interpretation? Can it be rehabilitated---or replaced?

Immigration Drives The Hot Vancouver Property Market

The market for Vancouver real estate has gone global in a big way. The first wave of rich Chinese buyers came in the 80s and 90s as the impending transfer of Hong Kong to mainland rule approached, and the demolition of modest homes on the west side in favour of mega-houses transformed the city. But now China itself has spawned an even bigger reservoir of affluence that is looking for an investment outlet and finding it in Vancouver property. This will complete the process of dispossession that began three decades ago. Even higher density and higher property taxes and rents will combine to make life in this city---a city frequently held up as a model of sensible planning in Australia---tenuous and stressful at best. But stayed tuned. The property bubble will burst, and these investors and the realtors who cater to them will take a well-deserved beating.

Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of The Growth Lobby!

North American children of my older brothers' generation knew about The Shadow He was the heroic vigilante crime fighter of pulp fiction fame who made his presence felt in comic books, movies and most poignantly on radio, the centre piece of family entertainment. By the time I came of age as a boy in the late fifties, he had left the stage, but not in my imagination---- my brother Al made sure of that. He would hide in my bedroom closet as I went to sleep then awake me with a chilling rendition: Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men! Only The Shadow knows! He knows that the weed of crime bears bitter fruit! I'll be around every corner---in every closet----in every room, as inevitable as your guilty conscience." Then he would follow up with a sinister laugh, "Ha Ha Haw!" To this day, I have fantasized about reprising that role, only this time as a corporate crime fighter, a shadow to the Growth Lobby, and those in the environmental movement who collaborate with them.

Save The Creepy-Crawlies? Where Is The Money In That?

Are the campaign priorities of environmental organizations driven by the dictates of science or the dictates of finance? Is environmentalism a movement---or a business? Whose sustainability are the green NGOs in business to foster----the environment's, or theirs?

The UK Today----And The UK To Come----Will It Be Our Fate Too?

Unstoppable waves of migrants, overcrowding, displaced workers

uncontrollable crime, an alienated youth culture without hope and "one of the most divided and unequal ... countries in Europe", ---is this portrait of contemporary Britain a picture of our own future?

The Seven Big Lies Of Cornucopianism

Cornucopians can select from an ideological buffet of arguments to deny that our growing human population is a serious problem. I have identified seven of them, but they are not exclusive---some overlap and could be treated as corollaries of others. Those in population-denial typically employ a coalition of them to make their case.

Rebels Without A Root Cause----Being Militant vs. Being Radical

Playing the role of the dashing green crusader who risks life and limb to block bulldozers, logging trucks and whaling ships has its rewards but fundamental change is more often the product of quiet, mundane activity. The difference is often one of style vs. substance. The question that eco-warriors need to ask themselves is whether their actions are all about theatre or whether they actually address the root cause of the many brush fires that they run about trying to put out.


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