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Council meet re Ricketts Point tea-house overdevelopment liquor to 11pm 7days week

COUNCIL MEETING 19 NOVEMBER 2019: Many people enjoy Ricketts Tea House as a relatively modest place to have tea and cakes along a long piece of otherwise aesthetically deserted beach on this Pacific Island that we call Australia. Now Brighton Council is pushing a monstrous 'redevelopment' which will see liquor served seven nights a week until 11.30pm. One can predict the noise, violence, and rubbish, with frightened, disturbed birds. If this goes ahead, Melbourne will lose such a pleasant quiet area for the financial profit of a few. This will also be a prong used to usher in more 'development' in an area which has conserved vegetation and housing well back from the beach. It's another sign of the developer take-over of democracy in this state and in this country. You can go to the council meeting and try to push back against this overdevelopment push.

Council meeting – to agree Ricketts Point Teahouse redevelopment and extension of liquor hours to 11.30pm 7 nights a week

When: This Tuesday night, 19 Nov, 7pm
Where: Council Chambers, Boxshall Street Brighton
Details: Agenda Item 10.1 pp 29-65 . See this link:"

Note: Council is recommending full agreement to extension of Ricketts Point Café liquor hours to 11.30pm 7 nights a week and to redevelopment. The plans appear to be for further enclosure of some of the open deck area.
No environmental impact will be considered.
They have discounted objections made by environmental groups.

Please Register at the link below, before 11am on 19 Nov, to speak in opposition or express disappointment:

Details to complete online:
Ordinary Council meeting
Item 10.1
Strictly 4 minutes only allowed to speak

Similar plans for North Point Cafe

Note also: Agenda Item 10.2 North Point Café (pp 75 -83)
Redevelopment plans and extended opening hours also being recommended, although more limited hours eg 10pm - on the basis that it’s a residential area.


The proposed liquor licence til late 7 days per week would completely change the surrounding environment and subtract useable habitat for local birds and animals especially those that need dark and quiet at night. There is very little and diminishing wildlife habitat all over Melbourne. You would think that the Bayside Council could consider this and leave something alone that is popular and with low environmental impact. Furthermore,the area is a marine sanctuary which you would think would command some respect.