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Forgotten heroes and sacrifices on Remembrance Day

Although we commemorate those who died on Remembrance Day 11 November, the courage and sacrifice of those who fought to prevent World War One from ever happening and who tried to remove from power the criminals who had caused that war, and others that followed, is never acknowledged.

On Remembrance Day, 11 November Australians and people from some of the countries of the previous Britsh Commonwealth of nations, commemorate the courage and terrible sacrifice of those who fought in the war of 1914-1918. In that war, 18 million died, including 60,000 Australians, Back then that war was referred to as the "War to End War".

Those who labeled the First World War the "war to end war"were clearly naive at best. Barely 20 years later 60 million more people were to die in yet another even more horrific world-wide conflagration. Many other wars occurred right up to Remembrance Day 2017 and are continuing.

The courage and sacrifice of those who fought to prevent World War One from ever happening and who tried to remove from power the criminals who had caused that war, and others that followed, is never acknowledged.

Where is the commmoration for those sailors of the German Navy who rebelled against the German government on 3 November after being ordered to sail on a last suicidal battle against the British Navy? (See Where is the commemoration of all thoser German workers who rose up in many parts of Germany over the next few days, making it impossible for the war to continue? Where is the commemoration of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebkencht who opposed the war at its outset? They were to lead the Spartakist uprising in Berlin from 1918 until when it was crushed by Freikorps mercenaries, many of whom were later to don the Nazi swastika. Where is the commemoration of their sacrifice?

Where is the commemoration of those French soldiers who were court-martialed and executed in 1917 for their mutiny against the war? Where is the commemoration of Australians and British who blocked their governments' plans to introduce conscription? Where is the commemoration of those German Communists who fought from 1919 until 1923 to wrest from power those who had led their country into war?

Clearly the ruling elites and their newsmedia only want us to commemorate the sacrifice of those who were duped into fighting and dying to further the selfish interests of those elites who sent them to war.

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Thanks James for an excellent piece. The real criminals in most wars are those who instigate and perpetuate them. I'm not well read enough to know how many have or were brought to justice, but at a hazard, I'd say not many and definitely too few.

However, what worries more than the past is the present and the future where greed, overpopulation, resource shortages and political and economic mismanagement are reeking havoc. The mayhem is not just confined to the "Usual Suspects", but is also closer to home. Austerity measures have produced chaos and have deeply divided Europe. Steve Keen the expatriate Australian economist made comment on this recently: if anybody wants to know more.

Thank you, John for the support in your comment and the link. Unfortunately, the article that you linked to is behind a paywall. The paywall doesn't even allow a visitor to make a one-off payment! To read Steve Keen's article, one has to first agree to make a monthly contribution. Whilst it is possible to pay as little as $1.00 per month, most people would have to pay bank administrarive charges on top of that, and I expect that would hit you with more charges if you ceased making that contribution every month.

i have yet to find a paywalled site that allows a visitor to make a one-of payment.

My humble apologies James, I should have mentioned the pay wall. In an endeavour to get a better perspective of the economic world and why it is/isn't working has fascinated me for some time and having the non-neoliberal world explained to you is, to me, essential.

I pay $US 10 per month ($A 13/14) and find it is well worth it for 3 or 4 podcasts, articles, etc per week. "The Pain in Spain" gives some background into the current disunity that exists as the Catalonians and Spaniards air the differences. The piece covers a range of topics from the maximum number of people who can maintain effective personal bonds to the Euro and the Euro Group to the current crises in Europe. As I commented, on the article, the Australian mainstream media don't cover this sort of news or if they do it's superficially and/or biased.