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DEPI inspectors are failing to carry out their duties

Victorian Sale Yards Investigation? A Farce! Stand up and be counted coalition!

Australia's Sale yards – The Facts
R-E-S-P-E-C-T Just not there!!
R-E-S-P-E-C-T, simple word but afraid never used around the sale yards of Victoria .The operators, transporters, and even the state government appear to despise animal activist interference or should I say intervention when it comes to helping animals in some distress!

Over recent months at least two “activists” have been intimidated/assaulted at the sale yards, one even had their camera busted. These incidents were reported to police and the state government BUT nothing has happened to stop these incidents.

It appears that the Victorian government prefers self-regulation within the animal welfare industry and especially at the sale yards as, they believe it to be economically viable and non-confronting &, never ever answerable to “animal Activists”!

Call ‘em what you like “activists” or whatever they will never go away anyway. State Government control the animal welfare “acts” in this state but choose not to involve themselves in the legal aspects of welfare thus they can uphold their obligations relevant to our welfare laws along with the Codes of Practice that go with the flow within the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (POCTA).

“Codes of Practice” are rarely ever used to help enforce POCTA and, if they were then we wouldn’t be seeing more of the reported abuse/cruelty at our sale yards and the reports on a daily basis which are never ever complied with. (I know because I visit these yards and report these complaints and have even written to the minister on many occasions, of course without any end result).

How long has it been since any person at a sale yard was prosecuted by DEPI?? Other “activists” have reported “sheep broken legs” crippled calves and other blatant acts of cruelty and abuse!

One of the biggest problems with law enforcement & the prevention of cruelty legislation is that it should be without fear nor favor but it appears NOT as a so we question this, how can the “department DEPI, police the prevention of cruelty to animals “act” when their main role is for the promotion to the farming industry!! As it should be anyway?

BUT! Conflict of interest!!? You betcha! So, it is then left to a charitable organisation, the RSPCA who, at any rate do not have the “recourses, manpower nor the funds, (of which should be allocated to them anyway by the Ministers dept.,) to fulfil their obligations for the privilege of enforcing the prevention of cruelty to animals “act”. (POCTA). And there is an MOU with the DEPI and that is DEPI have the jurisdiction over “farm” animals.(Which in my opinion is a big joke anyway!)

In Victoria the Agricultural Department (DEPI, ) under Minister Peter Walsh’s folio , has the responsibility to “watch dog” animal welfare the legislation BUT, it doesn’t appear to be working at all and it appears to have lost the compassion needed in animal welfare to sustain any common sense in more ways than one in my opinion.

I have been involved in animal welfare (Law enforcement) for over four decades now and find it not only frustrating but downright embarrassing and feel very strongly towards the treatment of animals at our sale yards today!’ Victoria does not have an independent Inspectorate for sale yards for the whole purpose of “animal welfare inspections solely the policing of complaints as such” but it should have!

I have written to the Minister Honorable Peter Walsh on numerous occasions seeking to be assented under section 18 “specialist Inspector” under the “act” (POCTA) (of which he has the authority to do with the stroke of a pen), and might I add at no expense to his department or the state government, but have been flatly denied and at times he does not even take the time to quantify his negativity re this request!.

As a prominent and mostly respected QC once wrote a paper entitled “A fox in the henhouse” expertly explains this subject down to a “”T” who’s looking after the hens NOW? An Independent Inspectorate would ensure the following without fear nor favor and without prejudice
That these animals have the protection and respect that they deserve under the welfare legislation as such!

- The prevention of cruelty must be policed at all yards without fear nor favor!
- And, for the purpose of being a “Watchdog” over the sale yard management and animal welfare issues!
- Proper and correct procedures in loading/transportation to be adhered to in a safe & proper manner!

This governments’ failure to ensure regular and routine inspections is appalling and, at each and every sale yard in this state there appears to be a lack of training and/or manpower to maintain the standard of excellence within the community to at least let the animals leave this planet with some dignity!

Please be reminded that this is an election year and animal welfare will well on our AGENDA

Barrie R Tapp. Senior Investigations officer Animal Cruelty Hotline Aust.


Back in 2011 saleyards across the State were under fire by animal welfare groups, who are targeting the treatment of livestock and the condition of saleyard facilities.

Animals Angels, and international animal rights group, submitted a damning report to the State Government that included photos, video footage and a detailed veterinarian report after visiting western Victorian saleyards.

The report included sheep being unloaded from a trailer and ute without the use of a ramp, causing sheep to land on their heads and necks. There are also issues about post-sale feeding and water.

The Australian Livestock and Property Agents Association (ALPA) issued a warning for all members to review their animal welfare standards as a matter of urgency. ALPA Victoria/Tasmania State management committee member Rob Bolton said one of the main issues was livestock being received at saleyards that should never have been loaded for sale in the first place. The animals should be fit for human consumption and therefore also fit to be loaded.
So much for "urgency", as little has changed.

There is a clear conflict of interests within the DEPI. The State department responsible for supporting livestock industries, and economic benefits for farmers and from agriculture, is also responsible for animal welfare! There needs to be a truly independent Office of Animal Welfare, distinct from politics and lobby groups.

Vic saleyards under scrutiny Dec 2011, Animal Angels

When is this non active, non transparent government going to sit up, wake up, and take note of what this community wants and needs. This month and independent animal welfare group visited saleyards at Warragul and took home 3 sick calves. Doesn't that prove the point Minister of what this story is about???? Yet the authorised powers privileged to enforce and prevent this is still not even attending!!!! Bring on elections this may be the only way that we can help these animals.

I have visited sales at Warragul too and saw the poor little calves shivering and hollow-gutted being abused by big bullies too.

Do something, someone please!

People imagine that the dairy industry is benign, with happy and contented cows grazing and chewing their cud, and producing milk for us!
People need to realise that cows produce milk when they have a calf, not automatically. For us to have the milk, as an industry, the calves must be removed from their mothers after a few days. Over 700,000 bobby calves are considered "wastage" of the dairy industry, and are slaughtered.
The rest either end up being milking cows, or veal.
The dairy industry knows that many consumers of milk would find the callous treatment of bobby calves completely unacceptable and rethink their financial support of the industry. If the treatment of bobby calves is to improve, it is imperative that the industry becomes accountable and for the public to exercise their consumer power.
Better still, avoid dairy products!
Animals Australia: take Action. Demand that animals not be treated as 'waste products'