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Portrait of a beautiful young female kangaroo

Sad Update: "I am so sorry but I have some terrible news. I have just found Potsei dead at 6.30 am, she has been hit by a car. Potsei had a very immature dead joey in her pouch." Two days ago the news was that Potsei, in the photo, "now has many boyfriends who love to keep watch over her. She is such a beauty."

Two days ago, this was the "Breaking News:.....Not 100% sure but there could be a joey on the way, which by my calculations, might pop its head out around August..... watch this space!"

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Dear Leisa,

Such very sad news, and such a common fate for Australian kangaroos, as human populations expand into rural and bushland areas. We here know how you have dedicated your life to these friendly, sociable animals. And how Potsei will be missed by her clan and friends. What a beautiful kangaroo she was. Thank you for introducing her to the rest of us.

Leisa wrote back: "Thank you Sheila,
I loved Potsei, she was one of my few best friends. I would sit and guard her from dogs people etc for many hours a day. I remember sitting with her in the Parklands on just last Saturday night for three hours, is was so precious . Potsei knew the way I walked so remained stress free when I walked to be with her knowing I would protect her. Occasionally, she would race over to me and play , standing on her tippy toes jumping up and down with excitement. Hopefully she is now with her real mum who she has been without for five months in the universe somewhere.

Leisa x"

What drastic and tragic news for a very pretty lady kangaroo! This horrible news is indicative of the terrible toll traffic is having on our native animals. It's a death trap, of roads criss-crossing our nation, causing carnage and suffering.

As our economy grows, and our nation swells with more and more people, the balance of Nature is being swayed towards anthropocentric damage, and loss of species. Our mega-diverse country was never meant to be a big economic power-house.

The loss of Potsei and her new joey is a loss for us all, and symbolic of so many kangaroos are other animals that are flattened and sacrificed in the name of economic progress!