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A Canadian's Valentine's Day Greeting

A collection of cultures           
is no more a nation
than is a flock of vultures

Unable to unite                                                  
To join the fight
They act like Pavlovian dogs who answer the call
To congregate in our national church, the shopping mall

Left wing baby boomers
Serve big money by welcoming more and more consumers. 

Thus the maple leaf                                   
Proves to be just a fig leaf
For the corporate goal of importing people
And brainwashing the sheeple
To drive wages down to please the boss
While farmland and wildlife share the loss

But green NGOs look the other way
And think that accepting corporation donations is quite OK     
Like a slumbering nightwatchman on the corporate take
Their claim to be environmental watchdogs is completely fake
Green celebrities are not worth their salt
And neither are their groupies in the Suzuki cult.

I say this on Valentines Day but I ain't Cupid.
I am only trying to say, IT'S OVER- POPULATION STUPID!!!



Tim Murray
I love you Canada!
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