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Amber Alert! The CBC we loved is missing!

Attention: This an urgent message to the entire country to assist in the search for and recovery of journalistic integrity, impartiality and independence in our state broadcaster.

The real CBC was last seen on a playground in the 1970s. Witnesses reported seeing a suspicious red van in the vicinity, driven by the immigration lobby.

Missing are journalists like Doug Collins, George Jonas, Douglas Fisher, Larry Zolf, and Danny Finkleman. People who had a unique take on the world they saw and were not afraid to say it to an audience who chose not to take offence at what they heard. That was an era when “diversity” was not a buzzword but a reality. When there was a diversity of thought and expression, a fuller range of opinion that stretched from one end of the political spectrum to the other. A Canada where it was not considered to be a constitutional right for any citizen in a robust democracy “not to be offended” . A Canada where we didn’t care about how you “feel”, but what you thought.

Now that old and bold Canada is gone, as are journalists of the fearless calibre just mentioned. Taken in broad daylight, right under our collective noses, almost without witness.

Missing----Objective Investigative CBC Journalist

The abductors left a hollow look-a-like behind as a decoy to fool listeners into believing that the former standards of independent investigative journalism still resides in this make-believe shadow of what once was. But upon closer inspection, it is apparent that this not-so-cheap imitation is just a billion- dollar money pit and mouthpiece for the political class and the cheerleaders of mass immigration. It’s mandate is not, as one might assume, to represent every strand of opinion in this grand multicultural tapestry, but rather to project Canadian “identity. An identity which they apparently believe is simply a microcosm of the United Nations. Their determined goal is to give a microphone to the “Immigrant” Voice, The Voice of Minorities, New Canadians, the marginalized, the unheard----or rather the talking heads who are paid to lobby in their name. (If ordinary New Canadians were given that chance, they might say politically incorrect and unscripted things----like they did when they voted for Rob Ford. Can’t have that! )

Their mission is to reflect “diversity”, the diversity of groups, of ethnicities, races and genders---but not of thought and thoughtful Canadians. The Canada that listeners will see in this CBC is a rainbow of faces but not a rainbow of conflicting ideas. Let a hundred flowers bloom and a thousand thoughts contend---as long as they fall within the narrow spectrum of politically acceptable speech. Every Canadian of course, is entitled to an opinion. They are just not entitled to have it aired on this cool version of the CBC.

The “Friends of the CBC” are befriending an imposter. A propagandist. A cheerleader for the state religion of “Multiculturalism”. The old CBC, the CBC we knew and loved is not here. This CBC, CBC Pravda, is a shell of its former self. Canada most definitely does not “live here”.

If anyone has seen something suspicious, or something that looks like it could be an independent-minded journalist cowering in the back of a camper, van or truck or trunk in shackles or behind the curtains of a cabin set in the woods, please phone 1-800-REALCBC or email objectivereporting@CBC.MIA.

Any tip that leads to the arrest and conviction of the Growth Lobby for kidnapping will be rewarded. You claim must first be authenticated by a certified crypto-zoologist able to recognize an investigative journalist from the CBC archive of old photos and broadcasts recorded 40 years ago.

In the meantime, if we can speak into the camera, we want to say this:

Ol’CBC....Baby.....If you are still alive and you can hear us, can you please, please somehow tell us that you are alright? Please, please come home, do you hear? We really miss you. We all really miss you and we all really love you, just as you were when we last remembered you--when you were young and fearless. And to those who have abducted you----if you are watching this----we will pay any ransom. We will even make a donation to “The Friends of the CBC” so that they can fight to keep the government from cutting funding and depriving the political class and the growth lobby of their reliable voice.

Don’t let anybody tell you that we don’t care about you, or don’t want you back. We are not hostile to the concept of public broadcasting, in fact, we really like the PBS and NPR model down south. We are just hostile to the concept of a taxpayer-funded institution using our tax dollars to push one ideological vision. The vision of compliant Canadians willingly embracing their own cultural, economic and demographic displacement. We just don’t want to keep subsidizing a rogue corporation intent on shaping public opinion to fit the PC mould. We only want to promote a national conversation on taboo issues, not a vehicle to manufacture consent. We know that the debate on the important issues we care about has been declared “CLOSED”, but we still hold onto this quaint notion that is the people, not their “representatives” who should determine what can be discussed. Maybe we’re naive, but we still think it is our right to re-open any forbidden topic and have it aired on the broadcasting corporation we pay for.

Tim Murray, July 28, 2012

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