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Rule by Developers means War on Democracy

The signs continue to gather of a Bulldozer apocalypse for Melbourne and her citizens' democracy and our formerly quiet peaceful lives. Our leaders are not on our side. Not in Melbourne and not in any other Australian city.

This gives you an idea of the push by the Developers Union (The Property Council of Australia) to walk all over the rest of us. Developers have taken over government.

Watch out or you will find yourself 'renewed'!

Australian Financial Review, Tuesday 22/5/12, page 57 "Melbourne Rushes to Meet Urban Renewal Targets", describes an urban renewal briefing hosted by the Property Council of Victoria at the State Library on Monday, where a study into Melbourne's urban renewal was launched backed by Charter Keck Cramer 'research'.

Melbourne falls over itself to Meet Urban Renewal Targets: Key Points

1. A record 14 960 new dwellings will be constructed next year in existing suburbs

2. Major residential urban renewal is expected to account for 38% of Melbourne's total new housing supply over the next two years (short of the 53% govt. target).

3. Almost half the the urban renewal required between 2005-14 will happen over the next three years.

4. Number of apartment, detached and medium-density dwellings is tipped to increase.

5. "Ms Cunich said the study helped to explain why development in urban areas was more effective in some suburbs than others. ....

The Victorian government has a great opportunity to really nail smart urban renewal".

6. Biggest increase over next two years in Stonnington and Yarra Council areas.

AFR Tuesday 22/5/12, page 56 "Frustrations mount over Vic planning", describes the recent review, quotes developers and opponents. "The DLA Piper recommendations outlined the need for statutory separation between the planning department and the Minister".

AFR Tuesday 22/5/12, page 49, "Developers slam NSW system", complains about the NSW Independent Planning Assessment Commission rejecting large housing projects (Coalition govt. handed planning power back to Councils for State significant projects).


It's funny how the Australian dream of the "1/4 acre block" has gone out of fashion in "planning" circles. That's the same lobby group that benefits from destroying the lifestyle that is still the envy of the world.

It's a lifestyle that has had a magnetic attraction for people from all corners of the globe. It has produced more Olympic gold medals per capita than just about any nation on Earth. It has produced a virtual super race.

But suddenly, now that we have reached the limits of suburban capacity, this town planning model has been discovered to be "obesogenic". It's not McDonalds or stupidity that makes us fat, it's suburbia. Where was this obesity epidemic while we've been dominating the world (on a per capita basis) in sporting pursuits for the last 50 years?

The only "obesogenic" element in Australia's enviable social and physical structure is in the fat heads of the imbeciles who promote the immigration Ponzi scheme. They're now telling us that, to be healthy, we need to consolidate our urban environments. That means converting the most desirable urban environment on Earth into yet another high density, multi-story urban consolidation that can be found anywhere on the planet. It's the same urban model that people who come to Australia are trying to escape.

Where is the data to support their argument? If suburbia is so detrimental to health, why have we continually been better off statistically on virtually any measure than nations with long histories of urban consolidation? Why have we been relatively healthier? Why has our longevity grown faster than populations that live in crowded environments?

We're losing here. We need to get angry and fight harder.

What if Melbournians actually like their city the way it is, or was, when families could afford a house with a front and back garden, and a veggie patch with room for kids and pets to play? This "urban renewal" is a plan by developers, and State governments, to impose population growth onto us and high density living.
Our suburbs are being engulfed by opportunistic developers and planners, imposing their will onto the public. Political correctness, will stop any mention of what's driving the demand for housing - population growth through yet to be increased immigration levels. (It can't be mentioned without being accused of being "racist" or "anti-people")
State governments not only are trying to meet the demand, but by building more accommodation they are actually inviting buyers into this Ponzi scheme.
There's no vision for Australia, no long-term planning, but just knee-jerk reactionary policies based on maximizing profits in lieu of the loss of our economy that once thrived on manufacturing and production. Now, housing, banking and real estate depends on and thrives upon population growth!
Code-Assess now is about "moms and dads" having applications for fences and small home extensions streamlined and approved quickly without all the "red tape", but the "red tape" is to allow community consultation - something that is being scrapped! Something that appears benign holds big implications for Melbourne's high-rise future.