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A crisis is a terrible thing to waste

For over twenty five years, I could not understand why as a civilisation we have this fascination with Economic Growth. Everyone tells us that growth is good for us, even though most of us don't like it, and consternation abounds when it goes away, as is happening right now. Well dear reader, it's all clear as a bell now. Capitalism, and its cousins the Free Markets, are fundamentally flawed. Capitalism is doomed to fail, no matter what we do, and here is why.

See also: "How the growth lobby threatens Australia's future" of 24 Jan 09 (also published on Online Opinion with forum discussion).

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Rebuilding after the bush-fire holocaust

"I am fast starting to think that all the things that make a house energy inefficient also make it more prone to bush fire destruction." Mike Stasse, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Consultant, and qualified Building Energy Rating Assessor, writes about the pit-falls of design-fashion in homes. Mike designed and built his own house and is entirely self-sufficient.

See also: "Fire bunkers could have helped in the Victorian fires" of 10 Feb 09

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Are we Future Ready?

In the early 1970's, a book titled "The Limits to Growth" was published, a report by the Club of Rome on the predicaments of mankind. Ultimately translated in 30 languages, it caused a furore, predicting that should civilisation continue on its present path, it would run out of every resource under the sun, causing a collapse of society and a major dieoff of human population.

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Peak Energy, and Limits to Growth in Australia

There is so much nonsense in the media today about the reasons why petrol (and diesel of course) is so expensive, it's mind boggling. Surfing the media's web blogs' tailing articles on petrol prices quickly exposes the man in the street's ignorance of the truth. Not that we can point the finger at 'people', the media (outside of publications like this one) is doing very little to educate or inform their readers or viewers.

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John Quiggin's failure to grasp the resources shortage crisis

On 5 June 2006 Social Democratic economist Professor John Quiggin stated “Most natural resources have actually become cheaper, but even in cases where prices have risen, such as that of oil, the economic impact has been marginal, relative to the long-run trend of increasing income.” Here is how I responded.

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The challenges of powering down

Why free markets don't have a chance in hell of saving us from the current crises.

See also Mike Stasse interviewed on U-tube, John Quiggin's failure to grasp the resources shortage crisis

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Water recycling in Queensland

Fellow Green Comrades,

I write because I am concerned green groups will jump in to support water recycling without putting pressure on the government.

We don't have a water problem so much as a population problem, a population problem which drives growth and which exacerbates greenhouse emissions. These emissions also exacerbate droughts, quite likely making any normal drought some 10 to 30% worse than it would otherwise have been.

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