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Ausbuy buys into population debate

The Australian Companies Institute (Ausbuy) is a not-for-profit, non-political organisation that encourages Australians to support Australian owned and made products and services. The organisation also aims to create awareness about the sell-off of Australian icons and brands to overseas interests.

ACT elections this Saturday

Canberra residents go to the polls this Saturday to elect the next ACT government. Both Liberal and Labor parties are talking up growth policies that would significantly increase the population of the ACT.
So.. who to vote for??

Crunch time for Sydney: Rees

According to a report in today's Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney has grossly under-estimated the population explosion that will squeeze its resources over the next 20 years. But the cash-strapped Premier admits it is "pointless" to promise the billions of dollars in extra spending the city will need.

David Suzuki on population in Cosmos magazine

Issue 23 of Cosmos magazine (Oct/Nov 2008) features an article by Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki entitled 'A new bottom line'. Suzuki ponders the problem of exponential population growth and asks 'what is the collective impact of 6.7 billion human beings on one planet?

Renewable energy - show me the money..

A map of the earth's sunniest locations reveals that Australia is truly a sunburnt country, with plenty of solar energy to spare.
But despite this natural advantage and some cutting edge research being done by researchers at the University of NSW, the investment that could establish Australia’s ‘solar energy empire’ is sadly lacking.
In the words of Professor Julius Sumner-Miller.. why is it so?

Paul Sheehan hits the nail on the head

How is increasing the population by a million people every three years going to contribute to lowering Australia's carbon footprint? Don't ask big business, or the ALP machine, both addicted to "growth" defined by corporate fundamentalism, which means higher per capita consumption and more consumers.

So says Paul Sheehan of the Sydney Morning Herald, in an unusually frank and honest article in today's edition.

ACT Chamber of Commerce - at it again..

Canberra's largest business lobby group has warned a population limit on the national capital could be economically destructive. This follows a call by Sustainable Population Australia for a cap of 350,000 on Canberra's population.

Last gasp for single desk marketing of Australian wheat

Over 500 farmers have turned out in force to protest at Parliament in Canberra in a last ditch attempt to persuade the Government not to ditch the single desk marketing of Australian wheat.

Common sense on immigration from Dr Bob Birrell

MOVES to allow an extra 31,000 migrants into Australia each year will place huge pressure on already over-crowded cities, according to one of the nation's top population experts.

Monash University's Dr Bob Birrell said the jump in the migrant quota would worsen the housing crisis and environmental problems.

Rudd government to conduct 'review' as 457 visas as annual intake set to reach 130,000

The ABC reports that the Rudd Government has ordered a review of the controversial 457 visa scheme following many years of complaints, from the trade union movement, of its abuse by employers.

What you can do: Visit AMWU's stop 457 visa exploitation page and send e-mail to the The Minister for Immigration.

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