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"Growing population calls for big picture focus" - Democracy, immigration and the politics of the Age Newspaper

Australia is not a fortress. Huge numbers of people cross and re-cross our borders each year. After all two of Australia's biggest industries are overseas students and tourism. So what does The Age mean by writing, "Closing the door isn't an option"? ("Growing population calls for picture focus," Editorial, The Age 11/11/2009.)

Is The Age telling Australians that they should not and do not have choice in moderating immigration cohorts and future population growth to more manageable levels? Is a population of 35 million or more by 2049 in Australia's National Interest? If not, in whose interest is it?

Media leads drive for Unlivable City of 8 million

On September 5, 2008, Victorian newspaper, The Age, ran an article by Cameron Houston and Royce Millar, under the screaming headline, 'City of 8 million 'unlivable'.

The article reported the latest population projections from the Australia Bureau of Statistics. These frightening projections were reported as if they were actual predictions. The article should have generated a number of printable letters to The Age almost immediately.

Surprisingly, on September 7, no reader responses had been published.

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