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Capitalism doesn't work when legislation doesn't limit greed: Microsoft

How Microsoft's Office software, which used to be permanently licensed, may now expire while you are using the computer you bought if for, because the user has no control over Microsoft versions. The result is that the buyer is greatly disadvantaged, but Microsoft makes money hand over fist for a self-limiting product.

Journalism is not a crime. Or is it? Look at the ABC.

Al Jazeera is posting this slogan on its English speaking broadcasting channel in Qatar. The argument that Al Jazeera represents freedom of the press in the Middle East is a good one. Al Jazeera demands that diversity of thought and opinion be cherished and demands press freedom. This is of course true.

There is a difference between these ideals and what the ABC has done with the two of the most important issues in Australian history. Climate change and population growth.

My demands for diversity of thought and opinion from the ABC between 2007 and 2011 failed because the ABC is a corrupt organisation. I want to remind everyone of the unlawful conduct of a broken ABC which has supported both the Carbon Tax legislation and suppression of open debate on population growth. This is what happens when Australian journalists abuse their power and government is not prepared to make them accountable.

GetUp: Everyone who believes in Population Growth is a Right Winger: Open letter to Paul Oosting

Today I received an email from GetUp recruiting volunteers to hand out how to vote cards. They referred to success stopping destruction of the Reef (by capitalists), promoting renewable energy, etc....

Everyone who believes in population growth supports a traditional right wing agenda. This includes GetUp, the Greens and all the major political parties. Does GetUp even know what it means when it refers to right wing and left wing?

Obama quote from Scriptures highlights moral confusion over mass migration

Today (21 November 2014) the ABC broadcast Obama saying: "Scripture tells us that, 'We shall not oppress a stranger, for we know the heart of a stranger. We were strangers once too,'" he said. "My fellow Americans, we are and always will be a nation of immigrants. We were strangers once too. And whether our forebearers were strangers who crossed the Atlantic or the Pacific or the Rio Grande, we are here only because this country welcomed them in and taught them that to be an American is about something more than what we look like or what our last names are or how we worship."

Well; the New American Standard Bible says:
"As for you, be fruitful and multiply; Populate the earth abundantly and multiply in it." ..........and we know that doesn't work indefinitely.

So let's analyse Obama's comments to better understand their meaning. Will a lawyer do anything to defend his population growth "client"; regardless of the facts?

When will legislation be passed to produce the real weather report?

This article provides a simple explanation of how to tackle the climate change problem. Talk about it. Government should pass legislation to include population growth and emissions growth on all weather reports

Short termism is nowhere more obvious than the daily weather report; which focuses on what is going to happen tomorrow. But if so many people are concerned about spreading the message of climate change, why not use the daily weather report to do it?

200,000+ extra people every day; and Australia's contribution to world peace is bombing Syria?

Australia is a world leader in deliberate, artificially induced, population growth. Australia's mass migration policy has driven overall population growth at around 1.8% per year in recent years and 2.5% in cities like Melbourne and states like Queensland and Western Australia.

If you can believe government published statistics Australia's population growth at three times that of China and at least 50% higher than the world average.

Watching QANDA is like watching Nero playing his fiddle while Rome burns

One said congestion in cities requires more trains. That's as close as we got to talking about the root cause of congestion. Most talked of renewable energy as the biggest issue facing Australia.

On Lateline the waffle tonight covered which tax should be raised to address the Federal Budget problem.

"Rates of income tax and corporate tax are very high and uncompetitive with the rest of the world yet our GST is at the low end of the range. The OECD average consumption tax is 19%, which is more than double Australia's rate. Where do you think it should be?"

Is ABC MD Mark Scott a walking talking contradiction?

Mark Scott is described on the internet as a businessman. But as MD of the ABC isn't he first and foremost a public servant?

On 1 April 2014 The Guardian quoted him as saying: "Mark Scott: News Corp papers never more aggressive than now. ABC managing director warns of dangers for Australian public debate in 'winner takes all' media battle. The strident editorial stance of some of the mastheads in Rupert Murdoch’s media empire had serious implications for "public debate and the contest of ideas" as they headed towards an almost total print monopoly in a "winner takes all" media battle, the public broadcasting chief said on Tuesday evening."

Bill Gates says CO2 = P x S x E x C ?

Excerpt from:

CO2 = P x S x E x C

Meaning this: the climate emissions of human civilization are the result of four driving forces:

* Population: the total number of people on the planet (which is still increasing because we are not yet at peak population). RATE OF GROWTH CURRENTLY 860 MILLION PER DECADE.

How can the Law protect Australian Citizens from the ABC?

Unfortunately for the people of Australia the law apparently does not protect them from the ABC. Now the ABC is doing what it did with the Carbon Emissions debate (Carbon Tax debate) with a Budget debate, by deliberately avoiding discussion of the potential impacts of population growth on the Budget. Australia has no population policy and this is directly related to the ABC's refusal to question politicians on the relationships between Emissions Growth, Budget Growth and Population Growth. Instead of holding politicians accountable the ABC colludes with them to suppress development of coherent population policy by using insane and unlawful population growth denial.

The following extracts from the [20-110] Crimes Amendment (Fraud, Identity and Forgery Offences) Act 2009 seem particularly relevant to the ABC's conduct.

Should all Australians condemn the "No Room for Racism" movement?

On April 4, 2015 the ABC and other new services reported on fierce 'clashes' as a newly formed organisation turned up in large numbers to oppose rallies in several states by a political group called Reclaim Australia.

"Organiser Mel Gregson [1] said No Room for Racism was formed with the express purpose of shutting down the 16 rallies across Australia planned by Reclaim Australia. The Reclaim Australia members, on their facebook page, describe their mission as "We as patriotic Australians need to stand together to stop halal tax, sharia law & islamisation.""

Gregson also campaigned against the Melbourne Tunnel Project.

Reclaim Australia.

So is Gregson, and all who support her, denying people the right to demonstrate peacefully about something they believe in, thereby displaying intolerance and bigotry? If she was at an anti-nuclear demonstration, would she cry "evil capitalism" if thugs hired by the nuclear power lobby turned up for a hostile confrontation against her?

ABC Responsible for Clashes between Reclaim Australia and No Room for Racism?

Is the inevitable consequence of suppression of public policy debate over population growth management what has led to polarisation of views and conflict? today (4 April 2015) reported the following:

"The Reclaim members sang renditions of Advance Australia Fair, but the anti-racism protesters’ chants of “immigrants are welcome, racists are not” could also be heard throughout the CBD."

The above is testimony to the confusion caused by the ABC and other media by their endless refusal to discuss the differences between refugees, immigration and population growth management. There also appears to be widespread confusion about what is a racist. If you have nothing more than a subjective opinion of what racism is, how can you claim to be an anti-racism protestor? Is the behaviour of No Room for Racism nothing more than bigoted prejudice of the same kind as they claim to oppose? Is their behaviour worse because they use intimidation and oppression in an attempt to deny their opponents' right to express an opinion?

ACF and ABC need to promote open public policy debate on population growth

I recently attended an ACF meeting. As the oldest environmental NGO in Australia they are doing a road tour seeking support. These people are fighting against the inevitable destruction of the Australian environment, which the ABC, our public broadcaster, on whom so many Australians rely for serious information, fully sanctions using pro population growth extremism. Unfortunately the argument put forth is akin to one where a driver, because he is wearing a seat-belt, believes that he now no longer needs to worry about travelling at high speed without brakes.

Is the ACF now run by a naked Emperor?

Is it not fair and reasonable to argue that a management team proposing (less than) half a solution to (less than) half the problem they are charged with addressing is taking a somewhat halfwitted approach to its core duty?

Mr Cousins and Ms O'Shannahy are now President and CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation.

Isn't it about time that the ACF Management start to address an issue that should concern them, which is population growth management? With global population growth of around 80 million per annum this issue is as important as climate change. Australia does not use population growth for any humanitarian or sustainable development purpose. Instead it uses population to drive emissions growth, mistakenly chase profits that don't exist and commit crimes against humanity and the environment as a direct result of economic mismanagement and confused priorities. The ACF fully supports this with population growth denial (The Naked Emperor Syndrome). Where is the due diligence to support this?
2014-15: Migration program set at 190,000 places; humanitarian intake 13,750 places.
SOURCES: Department of Immigration; Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The Australian Conservation Foundation now tacitly supports pro population growth extremism?

Does the ACF show contempt for refugees by ignoring the way mass migration denies them access to Australia? Refugees, migration and population growth management are three different issues, yet the ACF acts as if the third cannot be addressed as a separate issue - despite being directly relevant to its definition of "Who We Are". All the scientific and economic evidence points to unscientific contempt by the ACF for Australian population growth management as a key driver of adverse humanitarian and environmental outcomes, both domestically and globally. If this is not true, why has the ACF been repeatedly emailing members with a Climate Change message but no Population Growth Management message? Australia can manage its population growth if this is shown to deliver both domestic and global humanitarian and environmentally sustainable outcomes.

To deny a responsibility for due diligence and prioritising this issue makes no sense.

ABC remembers Malcolm Fraser and confuses refugees, immigration and population growth management (again)

The ABC reported today:

Mr Fraser — Australia's 22nd prime minister — was born into a wealthy pastoral family in 1930 and first entered Parliament in 1955 as its youngest MP. He spent nearly 20 years as a backbencher and in the ministry. He became opposition leader in 1975, facing off against Gough Whitlam and becoming prime minister in the wake of Mr Whitlam's dismissal.

From his first days in politics, Mr Fraser was an advocate of immigration as a means of boosting the population.

As a minister in the Gorton government, he became the first federal politician to use the word "multiculturalism" — an historic break from the Anglocentric past of his own party. Mr Fraser's multicultural conviction found shape in immigration policy in the post-Vietnam war push to bring refugees from mainland South East Asia to Australia.

"I believe we had a moral and ethical obligation," Mr Fraser later said. "If we had taken polls ... I think people would have voted 80, 90 per cent against us but we explained the reasons for it.

Risk-based argument for condemnation of Human Rights Lawyers

Do human rights lawyers perform a strategic risk assessment to determine how to generate the greatest humanitarian gain per unit of time expended? Or do they do fee based work that is not analytically predetermined to be for the greater good? Defending human rights is a delicate path to tread when these kinds of questions are used to challenge the ethics of a lawyer's decision-making.

A most exquisite example is a human rights lawyer who does not apply independently audited risk management techniques in selecting the battles he/she chooses to fight. After all, such individuals have almost God-like responsibility to make the right choices do they not? There is more human suffering in the world than human rights lawyers to deal with it, which highlights the requirement for risk management in selection of clients.

The "New Economy Coalition" appears dedicated to Population Growth Denial

I recently communicated with Bob Massie (who deserves great respect for his many achievements). He is a US Episcopal priest, author, social activist and ex-President of the New Economy Coalition. He has also been a political candidate. He spoke at a meeting in Melbourne. I raised the need to recognise that a root cause of the last century of economic growth and environmental devastation has been extreme population growth and unscientific silence on this subject amongst organisations such as his. He responded by saying "I appreciate your views but I simply don’t agree with them." It is a pattern of behaviour amongst population growth deniers to characterise scientific facts as "views" and their own dogma as "fact". But when it suits them they will rely on the scientific facts of global warming to jump onto this bandwagon as a vehicle for their unscientific ideology. There is no doubt that climate change is occurring, and there is also no doubt that population growth has been a root cause. We need to break the back of duplicitous population growth denial once and for all if the so-called "New Economy" is to have any hope of survival. This problem is above politics and above ideology. It is a scientific fact. Of particular concern was Bob's response that the UN predict population will level off at around 10 billion. The UN actually has no idea. One UN scenario predicts 16 billion by 2100 on a steeply escalating trend. This problem cannot be solved by denial and neglect; just as emissions cannot be reduced by climate change denial and neglect.

Populate and Perish - The 2015 Intergenerational Report

The headline head count in the 2015 Intergenerational Report (IGR) is 39.7 million people by 2055 versus 24 million people today. These numbers seem to overstate current population and understate predicted future population in an attempt to conceal the extent of the expected growth. Other sources estimate a current population of just over 23 million and 39.7 looks like a salesman's price for a $40 item.

The figures represent compound population growth of 1.27% per annum over the next 40 years. This is a doubling time of 56 years. Actual doubling time in Queensland, Western Australia and Melbourne over the last decade or more has been 28 years. That has been caused by annual population growth of roughly 2.5% per annum. Since Federation doubling time has averaged around 40 years at 1.6% per annum. In recent years Australia's overall annual population growth has been 1.8%.

ABC traitors relentlessly continue their taxpayer funded Population Growth Denial

Ref: RN Breakfast interview with Joe Hockey on 26 February 2015

Traitor: "A person who betrays someone or something, such as a friend, cause, or principle." Substitute "a nation of people" for "friend".......

Fran Kelly's interview with Joe Hockey provides yet another example of the "don't mention the population growth" policy of Government, all the major political parties and the ABC. This betrays the principles set out in the ABC Code of Practice. This betrays a cause, which is impartial discussion of humane and sustainable solutions for Australia and its international conduct. This betrays a nation of people.

Russell Brand points out the absurdity of being anti-immigration

In a new stand-up special, "Russell Brand takes a very literal approach in explaining immigration, and further points out the absurdity of fearing others due to "imaginary geopolitical borders." Aren't we all just part of the same, mysterious, rotating sphere?" Huffington Post

Russell quite rightly points out the absurdity of being anti-immigration. The poor, or under privileged, or others simply seeking a better life may wish to move from one country to another. Nobody can reasonably oppose that basic aspiration; within reason.

But each country does have some role to play in managing the flow of people across its borders. Society, by definition, is the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community. If restricting migration flows serves the greater humanitarian good in both the emigration and immigration countries, then open minded due diligence in verifying that reality (or otherwise) will serve that greater good. Globalisation, in the Darwinian sense, is a planet-wrecker regardless of how it occurs.

Is there any Government data on the growth in access to tertiary education for Australian citizens?

It is interesting that no statistics are available on the growth in access to Australia's "knowledge economy" for Australians. Shouldn't this data be transparently available?

When I contacted VTAC they explained that access to tertiary education was based on a "level playing field".

Based on this explanation, Australian students are competing against foreign students. If the foreign student gets a score one mark higher than an Australian student competing for one remaining university place in a particular course, the foreigner will get the place and the Australian will be denied the place.

What kind of a "knowledge economy" is that?

Known misogynist knights Prince Phillip instead of the Queen?

Australia is reeling with resentment after Tony Abbott knighted the wrong person over the Australia Day weekend.

Nobody can understand why he didn't knight the Queen...............??

Think about it. If you were trying to think of the dumbest thing you could do as Prime Minister of Australia it would have to be knighting the Queen. Knighting Prince Phillip is as close as you could get to doing this.

It should be noted that the Queen consents to the award of all such honours. Presumably the irony didn't occur to her either.

Is Australia less democratic than so-called authoritarian regimes which respect the basic principles of national sovereignty?

A definition of National Sovereignty:
National sovereignty is the exclusive right of a government, or of its people (as in a democracy), or an individual (as in a monarchy) to exercise supreme authority over itself. In the current international system, the nation-state is the highest level of government. This article explores several different examples of how respect for national sovereignty occurs by various means in other countries that do not occur in Australia.

Paul Keating's Unfortunate Legacy?

"The WTO can no longer ignore what is happening behind its magnificent structure of complex trade rules. The persistence of opposite exchange-rate misalignments, of countries with overvalued currencies and others with undervalued ones, for long periods is eroding the multilateral trading system. The WTO cannot remain silent to such reality. The core principles of its construction – transparency, predictability and confidence – are under question. The strengthening of trade rules, with the negotiation of instruments to neutralise the effects of exchange rates, is fundamental to the existence of the WTO. Otherwise, the WTO might become a diplomatic-juridical fiction – void of economic reality." Ref: Effects of exchange-rate misalignments on tariffs

Old News was and is Wrong News: The Australian Reports about Australian Emissions

AUSTRALIA rates among the world's highest per capita carbon dioxide emitters in new figures released by British researchers.


In 2011, Australia recorded 17.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per person, on par with the US, a team of specialist climate change researchers at the University of East Anglia has reported.

Challenger Space Shuttle disaster was caused by similar tactics to the ABC on Climate Change and Population Growth

Back in 1986 after the joints on the Challenger Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs) leaked, causing a catastrophic explosion, a Presidential Inquiry found that both the contractor supplying the equipment (Morton Thiokol) and NASA had failed to act on the advice of engineering experts working for Morton Thiokol. Damages were paid to the families of the 7 dead astronauts and NASA suffered a major setback.

In an almost perfectly analogous scenario, the ABC is launching Australia on an extreme population growth trajectory when all the scientific and economic evidence supports grounding this "population rocket" until due diligence can confirm whether it should be cleared for take-off.

Big Ideas? Let's start 2015 with some narrow-minded thinking from the ABC

Once again the ABC is promoting so-called 'sustainable growth' (with a like-minded cohort of intelligentsia), as a concept where you can have your carbon cake and eat it. Even children are taught that this is impossible. Here are some observations.

What is the world coming to? 140 people per tee shirt...............

Lima Climate Talks were, as always, in Population Growth Denial

The Principle of Common But Differentiated Responsibilities: Origins and Scope For the World Summit on Sustainable Development 2002 Johannesburg, 26 August, was intended to provide a basis for international cooperation and has apparently been an issue of contention at the 2014 Climate Talks in Lima 12 years later. (See explanatory document here: Legal brief on 'Principle of Common But Differentiated Responsibilities'.)

During the 12 days of talks World Population grew by approximately 2.7 million people. I wonder whether those 2.7 million will create any carbon emissions during their lifetimes? In the 12 years since the Principle of Common But Differentiated Responsibilities was drafted, World Population has grown by approximately 860 million people. The Principle of Common But Differentiated Responsibilities makes no mention of population growth, yet this is the one issue that has the potential to bridge the divide between extreme population growth in the developing world and extreme emissions in the developed world.

Is the RBA's Deputy Governor Philip Lowe mixing his metaphors?

Speaking at an Australian Business Economist's dinner on 25 November, ( the RBA's Deputy Governor Philip Lowe told the audience that Australians had gotten too accustomed to a world beating economy and seem to have become unduly depressed now that the nation has come back to the pack. He claimed that a factor boosting the economic outlook is population growth. Dr Lowe said it is much easier for domestic businesses to cope with uncertain economic times in the knowledge that "the overall size of the pie is getting bigger." The reality is that the pie per capita keeps getting smaller; so Philip seems somewhat confused.


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