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Tragedy of Human Impact on Koalas in Queensland

The rate of road-kill of koalas in Queensland, NSW, and Victoria is testimony to the unsustainability of human population growth and the cowardice of our leaders in the face of profit-driven developer groups. We drive too fast, we are too numerous, and we have far too greater impact. Are most of us ignorant, selfish and callous or is it mainly our leaders and the developers they protect?

Max Chapman of Glasshouse Mountains wins Peace Out Award for kindness to horses

Three horses faced certain death until Max Chapman saw their plight and saved them. Now the Glasshouse community is being urged to help him make them even more comfortable by helping him to build a shelter.

Wildlife rescuer Terri Eather - a woman to support

Having spent her working life as a police officer seeing the most horrific acts of human depravity and violence and where she was hurt on duty, Terri says she could handle that ... what she can't handle is the barbaric cruelty inflicted on those that cannot fight back and has seen many animals who were beyond her care because of a sickness in society today.

Santa visits some pigs at Christmas in Germany

A German animal liberation group slip into a pig-farm and give the pigs a nice Christmas. (Film) Originally posted on 1 January. by Jan 4 it had over 150 reads. Reposted January 6th after loss due to site damage.

Leading Australian Professor Supports Vegan Warriors' Circus Condemnation


Following news that Vegan Warriors are actively campaigning against circuses in the Sunshine Coast Region, one of Australia's leading academics, Prof Barry Spurr, has contacted us expressing his disgust at these antiquated and cruel forms of "entertainment".

Candy and sticky fingers - a story about a young girl's love for a dog

Living near the abattoir in Kilcoy, hearing the terrified cows begging for their lives all day and night was the norm. Dad's job as the meat inspector meant he was elbows deep in the end result of the killing room floors. He became increasingly ill... I wanted to escape the terror so I gathered my books on animals and created a "library" under our old wooden house, where I would sit on my plastic seat with my best friend "Candy" at my feet. Candy was a gorgeous caramel labrador ...Also, see inside details of protest against bullriding at Kawana Stadium, 15 October.

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