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Mass Slaughter of rhinos in South Africa

Mass slaughter of rhinos in South Africa continues as a genocide. The owner of a safari operator, his wife and a professional hunter are alleged to be some of the masterminds arrested and taken into custody for rhino poaching. They are Mr. Dawie Groenewald (42) a director of Out of Africa Adventurous Safaris and his wife Sariette and Tielman Erasmus
a professional hunter!

The failed promises of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948, is a crucial document. The first 21 Articles of the Declaration all profess classical Western rights, also called liberty rights or “negative rights,” including the right to private property, freedom of speech and equality before the law. Universal human rights are contrary to human nature, over-ride national and individual rights, fail to consider the finite nature of our planet, the limitations of multiculturalism, and the "success" of the human species.

Selfish power of the growth lobby

For too long the immigration program has been out of public control and run purely for the interests of an elite number of business groups and portions of a pro-ethnic lobby who are both quick to throw the term "racist" or "nimby" when their their interests aren't pandered to.

Ideologies, economies and ideals are infinite, but not our land, our natural resources, our ecosystems, our limited fertile "green belt", our water, energy and our hip-pockets.
(photo: apartment living our future? Wikimedia commons)

Maria Island massacre based on "animal welfare"

Correspondence from David O'Byrne, Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage, 31 August, 2010.
"All culling is undertaken by Government officers who are trained, accredited and experienced in wildlife management and who operate in accordance with all relevant national and Tasmanian standards. Moreover, the program is supervised by a veterinary officer who has animal welfare a priority of their work ".

Late Professor Charles Birch, a man of science and faith

Louis Charles Birch (8 February 1918 – 19 December 2009) was an Australian biologist specializing in genetics in Australia. He was joint winner of the 1990 International Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion. His teaching career included Oxford, Columbia and the Universities of Chicago and Minnesota, as well as visiting professor of genetics at the University of California at Berkeley and professor of biology at the University of Sydney. Professor Birch has blazed new paths into the relationships between science and faith.
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