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Possum Wars - screened on ABC Sunday 15/12/2013 - featured Rheya Linden

Some time before the filming of "Possum Wars" the ABC posted this appeal to the public for stories about possums. See also : Possum Wars to air on ABC1.
You can watch Possum Wars on IView now at night around Australia, thousands of cute little native possums scamper across city rooftops seeking food and shelter in the great urban indoors that has tragically replaced the vast nurturing Australian forests. Forced out of their bush habitats by clearing and development, these brave marsupials must compete with noisy, destructive humans to survive in urban environments. "And when possums and people fight for real estate it’s war! Possum Wars lifts the lid on the private world of Australia’s most unwanted marsupial and its battle to survive in the big city." (ABC promotion for "Possum Wars," on Sunday, 15 December 2013)

Animal Justice Party success shows that Australians feel very strongly about cruelty to animals

The Animal Justice Party of Australia (AJPA) is close to the target number of members to be able to register with the Australian Electoral Commission. This is an indication of the importance the community gives to animal welfare. The party is now calling for more members so that it can begin to make an impact. See also "Political diversity" Gloria O'Possum says, "Please join! Since possums cannot vote, we rely on kind humans to represent us, until we acheive voting rights."

Possums as pets

I can hear that collective intake of breath from wildlife warriors and carers all over Australia. Possums as pets? Wildlife as pets! Isn't it bad enough that humans mistreat dogs and cats, without encouraging them to imprison and malnourish possums and other wildlife? See also: "Living with humans - A possum responds to "Living with wild animals" article" and earlier episodes of Gloria O'Possum's adventures.

Living with humans - A possum responds to "Living with wild animals" article

New writer on lifestyle, Gloria O'Possum, describes life indoors, living with humans in a possum-box, partly financed by the Australian Wildlife Protection Council (AWPC). See also: "Living with wild animals"

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