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Iemma defies Labor conference, unions and public in push to privatise NSW electricity

The arrogant contempt in which democracy is held by many of Australia's political and business leaders and much of the newsmedia could not have been made more clear by the determination of the New South Wales Government of Morris Iemma to proceed with its plans to sell off publicly owned electricity assets.

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How to make sense of the "Pig Iron Bob" dispute?

In some popular left-wing versions of history, the Conservative Australian Governments of Lyons and Menzies which governed Australia in the 1930's are depicted as appeasers of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan. Also they are depicted as having subordinated Australia's own national economic and strategic interests to that of the United Kingdom. However historian Andrew Ross in Armed and Ready - the Industrial development and defence of Australia 1900-1945(1995) has shown that this view is borne of the acceptance at face value of the double game that Australian Governments were playing with Great Britain.

Shared accommodation a necessity and no longer a choice for many in Brisbane

One of many reports about the ongoing and worsening rental crisis in Brisbane, is the article "Wanted: a Room to rent," in Brisbane's Courier Mail newspaper of 29 April 2008. The article reports trends where both co-tenancy and room-by-room tenancy is increasing.

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The Courier Mail beats the drum for more Queensland population growth

I was moved to republish the article after I read, with dismay, in the Courier Mail, yet another of many dispiriting stories about the rental accommodation crisis, one of many predictable consequence of that newspaper's aggressive past and ongoing promotion of population growth.

See also: Shared accommodation a necessity and no longer a choice for many in Brisbane

North Bank redevelopment proponents decline invitation to debate

Queensland's Premier Anna Bligh, Deputy Premier Paul Lucas and the developer Multiplex have all declined an opportunity to convince the Brisbane public of the merits of their plans to cover the northern third of the Brisbane River adjoining the CBD with a high-rise residential apartment complex.

The demise of an Australian Marxist blog site

Why has an Australian Marxist web-site suddenly vanished from the Internet, almost without trace?

Do claims of higher immigrant wages answer objections to record Australian immigration levels?

Rupert Murdoch's Australian newspaper in an article "Migrant workers scoring top pay" has made use of figures which which purportedly show that immigrants earn more, rather than less than their Australian equivalents, as if to answer any possible objection to Australia's current record high rate of immigration. ...

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Courier Mail provides 'boring', yet unbalanced, coverage of Brisbane City Council elections

Brisbane's Courier Mail newspaper recently posed the question "Have these been the most boring elections?". This triggered an exchange of e-mails which began when Independent Mayoral candidate James Sinnamon wrote an open letter to the Courier Mail's City Hall reporter.

Immigration myths demolished by economics journalist

The main justification given for Australia's current record high levels of immigration, that is that solves the skills shortage has been disputed in a recent article "An inconvenient truth about rising immigration" of 2 March 2008.

Rent gouging threatens Brisbane inner city retail community

Retailers who have, through their own hard work over the past three years, transformed a formerly run-down area of inner-city Paddington are now being driven out by excessive rent increases.

More pro-dredging propaganda from the Herald-Sun

Murdoch's Herald Sun puts pro-dredging spin on its coverage of the Blue Wedges court challenge against dredging.

The Australian newspaper peddles NSW electricity privatisation

This was posted to a discussion Time to give the b-team a turn, concerning the NSW Labor Government's bid to sell the publicly-owned electricity generators against the opposition of the union movement, the Labor Party and the NSW public. As further information comes to hand about the claims by The Australian Newspaper, they will be posted to this page.

Can anyone comment on claims made the story Private power 'cheaper' in the Australian of Friday 29 February:

JUDGING by the Victorian experience, households and businesses in NSW can expect lower prices following electricity privatisation, together with more choice for consumers and fewer supply interruptions.

Queensland Premier incurs Courier Mail's wrath for saving Regent Theatre

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh acts out of character in order to save one of the few remaining icons of Queensland's history in Brisbane's CBD.

Letter to Courier Mail: No passenger terminal for Brisbane!

Brisbane's Courier Mail newspapers beat-up over lack of facilities for mega-sized luxury cruise ships, such as the Queen Victoria draws an (unpublished) response from Independent Mayoral candidate, James Sinnamon.

How to install flash multimedia plug-in on your Konqueror web browser running on Debian Linux

Adapted from Linux Forums

The flash plugin is available from 2 different packages: one called "flashplugin-nonfree" from the "non-free" section of the official Debian repository, or the other commonly known is the one by Christian Marillat, which is called "flashplayer-mozilla".

For details on how to add the Marillat repository (in your /etc/apt/sources.list file) :

As for making it work, ... Konqueror will scan the Mozilla plugins. If not, just go in Konqueror options and do a manual plugins scan ("plugins" section of the options).

Once you have added the Marillat's repository to your /etc/apt/sources.list file, you simply type:

apt-get install flashplayer-mozilla

Federal elections and Queensland local government amalgamations

Australians, finally able to rejoice at the demise of the hated Howard government, can count themselves lucky that the Queensland Labor Government's undemocratic local government amalgamations program enacted at the behest of the Property Council of Australia did not fatally undermine Federal Labor's election campaign.

The myth of the Howard Government's defence competence

In the last days of the 2007 election campaign, John Howard continues to peddle the Big Lie that his Government is safeguarding Australia's defence needs. In fact, his Government has undermined the "self containtment" policy established painstakingly by Australian governments prior to the Second World War in favour of always buying overpriced and often inferior American equipment.

Also published on Opinion on 21 November 2007 and on Margo Kingston's webdiary.

Mark Latham's political gift to John Howard

In his article "Latham: Beware the Polls and The Swinging Voter" in the AFR of 17 November former Labor leader Mark Latham praises John Howard's economic management, in general finds surprisingly little fault with his government and labels the union movement's "Rights at Work" campaign a "scare campaign"

Liberal Party succession concerns

"Costello, who knowingly made/makes false assertions about Labor front benchers; obstinately refusing to accept objective evidence; arrogantly, rudely shouting over the interviewer; arguing that there's no big difference between 70% and 60%."

Do Greens believe that sufficient water can be found for 1.1 million more South East Queenslanders without the Traveston Dam?

Whilst the Greens commendably oppose the building of the ecologically and socially destructive Traveston dam, their latest media release on the subject astonishingly omits to address Queensland's enforced population growth, which is the principle driver of South East Queensland's water crisis. Given that the Queensland Labor Government ... intends to increase the population of South East Queensland alone by 1.1 million by the year 2026, it is difficult to understand how the Greens can maintain that it is possible to find sufficient water for the additional population without building dams such as the Traveston Dam.

Orange City Northern distributor benefits from pork barrel

Orange City Council has reaped the benefit of the government's desperate pork barrelling in this phoney election campaign with $10M to complete the Orange Bypass' northern distributor, according to Peter Andren Member for Calare.

Time, money and patience wasted by incompatible computers, printers and software

Does globalised big-business infotechnology AIM to waste the time of intellectuals so that they cannot contribute to politics? I don't know, but it sure is a side effect of the increasingly lousy personal energy returns on increasingly expensive overly complex STINGY computer hardware and software products.

What are the prospects for Labor bringing about a just society?

The Australian Labor Party, the world's oldest political political party still in existence, is a contradictory organisation. With its record in Government, at the Federal and state levels, and in opposition, led by Kevin Rudd, with an ever-diminishing number of policy positions which distinguish it from the ruling Howard Liberal Government, it is all too easy for critics to the left of Labor to dismiss it as no better than the Liberal Party as indeed the Greens, the Democrats and some parties of the far left have maintained either implicitly or explicitly.

Liberal Party succession issue irrelevant

Like every thinking compassionate person in this country I desperately want to see the end of both Howard and Costello, but I am dismayed to have learnt that the Federal Labor Party is, yet again, poised to pour millions of their hard-earned advertising dollars in an attempt to, once again, focus voter attention on the Liberal Party leadership succession issue ...

Friends of Noosa's "Dump Labor" campaign punishes the wrong people

If the leaders of the "Friends of Noosa" coalition had learnt anything from recent history, they would understand that their "Dump Labor" campaign, aimed at the Federal Labor Party, which has opposed forced amalgamations from the outset and has fully supported John Howard's legislation to allow Queenslanders to express their views on this issue at the ballot box, will have almost the precise opposite effect to that intended.

Save the lives of Scott Rush and the Bali Nine!

Please make your voice heard in order to save Scoot Rush and the Bali Nine from Death Row in Indonesia.

We must bury 'economic competence' Big Lie or it will bury us

The myth of the Howard Government's superior ability to manage the Australian economy may prove in this election as in the last to be the Archilles heel of an otherwise damning case against Howard.

Myths of the economic competency of the Howard Government

Five myths of superior economic competence, which has been flogged by the conservative Australian Coalition from the time it first assumed office are demolished by John Hermann of Economic Reform Australia.


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